Hell hath no Fury – Captain Britain’s arch-enemy.

Captain Britain has battled many foes in his distinguished career but only one has survived unparalleled destruction, killed one of his faithful companions and slaughtered more super heroes than a comic book companies annual cross over event. Who am I talking about, why the Fury of course.

But what is the Fury, why is it so deadly and how come when it appears heroes die ? I’m going to take a look at this monster to see what makes it such a perfect killing machine and I think deserving of the title Captain Britain’s arch-enemy.

The Fury

The Fury first appeared in Marvel Super Heroes issue 387 from 1982 in a Captain Britain story written by Alan Moore and drawn by Alan Davis, here trapped in an alternate dimension where all the super heroes are dead the good Cap’s attempts to escape cause the UK government to feel threatened by his presence. Because of this danger it is decided to stop Cap by unleashing the super hero killing machine known only as the Fury, who we are told is a ” Cybiote, ” an unstoppable amalgam of flesh and metal.

I must quickly interject here and say when you lay eyes on the Fury it really does look like an inhuman monster, mainly firstly I feel due to its faceless aspect which lends itself nicely towards the machine’s ” Cybiote, ” description and secondly because one of its arms is just a big fuck-off gun.

Anyway the Fury wastes no time in locating Captain Britain and first to fall victim to its powers is his trusty companion the poor elf Jackdaw felled by a blast from the Fury that atomizes his legs, needless to say the good Cap reacts badly to this.

Captain Britain vs The Fury

It’s during this fight that we learn of the Fury’s two main powers, firstly it has a lethal energy blast and secondly it can adapt and even regenerate its body to counter any threat it meets.

Rescued by the MP Jim Jaspers, Captain Britain learns it was he who created the Fury to carry out his policy of super hero genocide and when visiting the fallen hero’s graves the good Cap is overcome with grief allowing him to be ambushed and slain by the Fury.

The Fury kills Captain Britain

Luckily Captain Britain is resurrected by Meryln and his daughter Roma and sent back to his home dimension , the Fury is forgotten about until Captain Britain attends a universal trial where he learns that its actions are affecting the stability of the multiverse. There is only one drastic solution that is felt will restore order to the cosmos and so the Fury’s universe is destroyed and everyone hopes that the Fury has died along with it.

But floating in the space between worlds the Fury begins to rebuild itself and sets a course for Captain Britain’s home dimension kept alive by sheer willpower and its determination to kill all super heroes. It’s now we get an idea of just how tough and relentless the Fury is as not even the destruction of an entire universe can hold it back from carrying out its prime directive of super hero extermination.

The Fury arrives in a weakened state but you can’t keep a good Cybiote down and using its powers of regeneration it quickly starts to rebuild itself, once back in full working order the Fury then proceeds to destroy any heroes it can find.  As the death toll mounts Jim Jaspers decides to face down his creation and end its reign of terror sadly he isn’t up to the job and the Fury kills him as well, luckily it returns to the fray in a weakened state and Linda McQuillan the Captain Britain who saw the Fury destroy everyone she loved in an alternate dimension tears it to pieces.

Captain UK kills the Fury

This wasn’t the end of the Fury though like all good baddies it would come back to fight Captain Britain again and trouble the X-Men as well but it would always be defeated. However despite always ending up on the losing side I like the Fury, as I said earlier it just looks downright vicious and evil every bit an inhuman killing machine and is almost terminator like in it ruthless programming and desire. The Fury is a force to be reckoned with by any hero simply because it can adapt to any fight and counter their powers, I often wonder if because of this comic readers haven’t really seen much of it because any writer who uses it needs to come up with a creative way to kill it ?

To me Captain Britain has faced down many foes in his career but none as deadly as the Fury who with all it’s done surely deserves at the very least a place in Cap’s top ten rogue’s gallery or maybe even the coveted number one slot ?

If you want to read the story that introduces the Fury then it’s collected in Captain Britain volume 4 entitled the Siege of Camelot and volume 5 entitled End Game, it’s also collected as part of the Captain Britain omnibus or the Alan Moore Captain Britain trade paperback.


Captain Britain ( briefly ) meets Miracleman.

How is it possible for Captain Britain the property of Marvel comics to have met fellow super hero Miracleman, a comic book character without an owner and so buried deeply in litigation that his adventures might never see the light of day again ?

Well it’s quite easy really, all you need is the writing skills and imagination of Alan Moore, the madness of Captain Britain’s greatest adventure ” Jaspers’ Warp, ” and the talented pencils of Cap artist number one Alan Davis.

The brief meeting if you can even call it that takes place in the Daredevils magazine issue number 7  ( also noticeable for being the issue where Captain Britain met Terry Wogan, ) and I chanced upon it when reading about the Fury for an upcoming article.

The whole sequence takes place in another dimension where Linda McQuillan is the UK’s champion so our Captain Britain isn’t involved, what we do see though is the unstoppable killing machine the Fury destroy a whole load of superheroes some who bear very close resemblance to British comic book characters.

It’s during this carnage that Miracleman appears briefly before the Fury blasts him into oblivion.

Captain Britain meets Miracleman sort of

Then not to feel left out Miracleman’s sidekick Kid Miracleman appears in the guise of Linda’s partner Rick, needless to say he doesn’t last long before he sacrifices himself so she can escape to our Captain Britain’s dimension.

Captain Britian meets Kid Miracleman

I’m fairly certain that at the time this Captain Britain story came out Moore was writing Miracleman and Davis was certainly penciling some issues so I suppose this crossover was bound to happen. Nowadays I imagine if something similar happened especially involving Miracleman the lawyers would be out faster than a speeding bullet, as to whether Alan Moore’s marvelous Miracleman adventures will ever legitimately see the light of day we can only hope, hey the Zenith conundrum has been solved so who knows ?

More on the Fury later this week.

My Captain Britain art gallery.

The resurgence of Captain Britain in comics ( despite his death,) has been of great advantage to the collector like me as there are now more and more items of merchandise for me to purchase with the good Cap on.

Trading cards are no exception to this rule and recently I have picked up some fantastic ones which feature actual Captain Britain art ( known as sketch cards,) these are so great I thought it might be nice to share my new Captain Britain art gallery with you.

First up is a card by talented artist Peter Simeti gotta love Cap’s chin on this one.

Captain Britain sketch card by Peter Simeti

Next an official Marvel sketch card by an artist whose name escapes me ! This card attracted me firstly as Captain Britain is in his original uniform and secondly because of the fantastic use of colour, some sketch cards have great art but because they are often in black and white just don’t look so dynamic.

Captain Britain sketch card 1

Last but by no means least is another official Marvel sketch card by artist Craig Yeung.

Captain Britain sketch card by Craig Yeung

Are you an artist who has drawn Captain Britain and would your work featured here then just let me know in the comments, or maybe you’ve come across some great Cap art just let me know so we can share it with all the readers of this blog.

There’s something not quite right with my Captain Britain action figure. Now Updated

So there goes Captain Britain off to fight crime armed with his mighty sword Excalibur and ever ready with his personal rocket launcher to blast villains to kingdom come.

What do you mean you’ve never heard of this version of Captain Britain, he does exist honest look here’s a picture of him.

Captain Britain Captain America figure

OK so this Captain Britain is an action figure but he is quite an odd one who came out on the back of the recent Captain America movie, even though I believe he actually isn’t in the film. I’m not sure why Marvel wanted to release this figure ( apart from the hope that it might make a quick buck, ) but I always like to see Captain Britain on toy shop shelves so I’m not going to complain.

However it gets weirder as Marvel not happy with just one unrelated Captain Britain action figure decided to release a variant, to get one you needed to go to KMart where you could pick up an exclusive Captain Britain variant pack, here he is still armed with Excalibur and wearing something that looks like his MI-13 costume.

Captain Britain KMart exclusive

I like both figures despite the fact they bear little resemblance to the Captain Britain of the comics and I can still remember my feeling of pleasant surprise when I found the standard action figure on the shelves of my local Forbidden Planet. Like I said earlier any Captain Britain product on shelves will always be a win for me, rocket launcher or not.


I’ve found the inspiration for the Kmart Captain Britain, have a look at this panel from Exiles 44 from May 2004.

Alternate timeline Cap in Exiles

Check out the alternate timeline Cap he’s almost the exact image of his Kmart counterpart and armed with Excalibur, OK it might not be Cap ( but I’m guessing it is with the alternate Meggan also present,) as the team is called the Invaders which usually saw Union Jack as a member but it’s close enough, now I just need to find out where that rocket launcher came from.

Jings, it’s Captain Britain vs The Loch Ness Monster.

There’s plenty to do if you visit Scotland, perhaps you might tour the glens, sample some Scotch whiskey, munch on a piece of shortbread or even make time to engage in a life or death brawl with the Loch Ness Monster.

I don’t know if Captain Britain ever did the first three of those suggestions but he has certainly battled the Loch Ness Monster , let me tell you about it.

The action takes place in Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain issue 233 from July 1977, Larry Lieber was responsible for the plot, Jim Lawrence was the writer and Ron Wilson handled the art.

The story starts with the flashback below as Captain Britain fights Nessie.

Captain Britain fights the Loch Ness Monster

After this we learn that Brian Braddock has come to Loch Ness armed with his new Sonar Scanner to see if the famous monster exists or not. However the innkeeper of where Brian and his friends are staying gets a mysterious telepathic message telling him to drug Brian so he can’t explore the loch. Surviving this assault by calling on the power of the Captain Britain amulet our hero witnesses his friends descend into the loch in a bathyscaphe only to be attacked, luckily he pulls the sphere to safety and then engages the beast in the loch which captures him before revealing itself to be an alien space-ship.

Captain Britain fights the Loch ness Monster part 2

Luckily Captain Britain defeats the space ship’s owner and blows Nessie up which causes a maelstrom in the loch drowning the evil innkeeper. All involved are happy to walk away with their lives not noticing another Loch Ness monster watching them depart.

There is no doubt in my mind that this Captain Britain comic is heavily influenced by the 1975 Dr Who episode Terror of the Zygons which also involves alien Nessies and monsters at the bottom of the loch, but both are great and enjoyable in their own right. Overall this comic is another fine example of Marvel’s wacky seventies stories and if I had to pick a favorite part from these Scottish shenanigans then the bit where Nessie is revealed to be an alien space ship comes out top for me.

So there you have it Captain Britain vs The Loch Ness Monster, sort of !

Making the Captain Britain movie.

British comic book characters have never fared I feel well when reimagined by Hollywood, John Constantine, V and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen all spring to mind as “great Britons,” shamefully redone as pale cinema shadows of what made them great in the first place.

The film treatment of these comics worries me whenever I think about there ever being a Captain Britain movie and I shiver at the thought of a comic with an amazing history being made and cast on the cheap to make a quick buck.

However when David Keeler on Facebook asked me if I knew any Captain Britain movie news I gritted my teeth and started to do some internet investigation, I quickly discovered that apart from a lot of opinion pieces there is no firm news that any Captain Britain film is being made.

So if there is no news I thought why not make some up, so I’m going to write, cast and do everything else movie wise to come up with what I think will be the perfect Captain Britain movie.

So the most important question is who would I cast as Captain Britain ?

Well this was an easy choice, I feel Benedict Cumberbatch would shine in the role as he is an actor who excels in what ever role he undertakes making him perfect to star as Captain Britain and his alter ego Brian Braddock.

Benedict Cumberbatch

As to what Mr Cumberbatch would wear from Captain Britain’s many costumes I feel the simple yet effective design from his MI-13 adventures would work best.


Sadly when it comes to the female lead I don’t think there is room for Captain Britain’s wife Meggan in the movie as another superhero who isn’t a villain will take the spotlight away from Cap. Because of this I’m choosing business woman, banker and Brian Braddock’s occasional girlfriend Courtney Ross as my choice for the film’s love interest/main female lead.

Courtney Ross

As for who could fill such big shoes I’m going to choose Sophie Myles former Dr Who star and all round talented actress whose impressive TV and film CV make her a natural for the role.


As to who Captain Britain will be pitted against because I’m ” making,” this film and money is no object I’m going to have three villains torment, fight and generally annoy our hero. The first villain the film needs is Joshua Stragg or The Reaver as he is known, Stragg is needed simply because he is the baddie responsible for the chain of events that caused Brian Braddock to become Captain Britain and I like super hero movies to open with the hero’s origin.

Joshua Stragg

Stragg will be found to be a pawn of the second villain mad M.P. Jim Jaspers, whose plans to rid Britain of super heroes will involve the third villain ( if you can call them that, ) the ultimate fighting machine known only as the Fury.

Jasper and The Fury

I fancy casting Ewan McGregor as Stragg, Sylvester McCoy as Jaspers and CGI for the Fury, all should work well, sorry but there is no room for pictures here as this post is getting a bit image heavy !

Plot wise it should be obvious from my choice of villains I want to make the fabulous Captain Britain story, ” Jaspers’ Warp, ” but perhaps with less heroes than in the original story and Cap’s origin thrown in. Why ” Jaspers’ Warp , ” well simply because it has every single element a super hero film needs: it contains comedy, tragedy, pathos and everything in between, also as it was written by talented UK scribe Alan Moore we know the characterization for Captain Britain will be spot on.

So there we go my version of the Captain Britain movie, let me know what your think in the comments and if Hollywood comes calling I’m happy to pitch in a consulting role.

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You have been watching – Captain Britain.

A great mainstay of seventies British sitcoms was that as the credits rolled the cast list were introduced with the phrase ” you have been watching, ” because of this as time went by these words became thoroughly British. But what has this got to do with Captain Britain you ask, well please read on and find out.

While I was re-reading the Hell comes to Birmingham story in Captain Britain and MI-13 I remembered how the sadness that this series was cancelled was offset when I read the last page of the last issue. Curious to see if the comic still had the same impact 3-4 years later I dug it out and turned to the final page.

I think its still a fantastic full page image and I’ve put it in its entirety below, have a look at a great series ending in such a British way.

cap b you have been watching