Captain Britain merchandise – jigsaws.

During the seventies Whitman puzzles released two Captain Britain jigsaws which occasionally turn up on Ebay , which is where I happened to get the one pictured below.

Captain Britain jigsaw 1

As far as I can tell the image is inspired by Captain Britain’s battle with the Hurricane which takes place in his first series, issues 4 to 7 from 1976. I say inspired because when you read through those comics there isn’t really any panel that looks like the jigsaw unlike the next puzzle.

The second jigsaw which I sadly don’t own is pictured below.

Captain Britain jigsaw 2

This image is inspired by a very similar picture ( see below ) from the very first issue of Captain Britain and shows him facing off against the minions of Joshua Stragg aka The Reaver.

Captain Britain jigsaw inspiration panel

As an aside when I was browsing the internet hunting down details about Whitman Puzzles I had a burst of nostalgia when I realized that when I was quite young I used to own one of their excellent Dr Who jigsaws, which is pictured below.

dr who jigsaw


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