Captain Britain’s worst moments – Secret Avengers 22.

Sometimes writers or artists just don’t get Captain Britain and instead of coming across as the mighty hero he is the good old Captain just comes across as a buffoon. Even when writers ” get ” the Captain they often have to bow to the editors who want the hero who is flavor of the month to take center stage in that weeks comic.

Take these panels from Secret Avengers 22 by Remender and Hardman, here the Captain suffers if not the slings then at least the arrows of outrageous fortune.

Captain Britain joins secret avengers 1

This is Hawkeye’s diabolical treatment of Captain Britain when he thinks the Cap just wants his role as leader of the Secret Avengers, a role he is more fitted for than Hawkeye certainly.

The argument continues with Captain Britain rightly pointing out he is a far better choice for Secret Avenger’s leader.

Captain Britian joins secret avengers 2

Captain Britain is quickly relegated to the role of team strongman, surely he will fit in there and be left alone ? The cover of the follow-up issue quickly makes you realise the small position Captain Britain is going fill on the Secret Avengers team.

secret avengers 22 cover where is Captain Britain

So the mighty Captain Britain must now play second fiddle to that one trick pony Venom ! I’d like to say I stopped reading at this point but I didn’t because Captain Britain comics are few and far between so sometimes you just have to take what you can get.


4 thoughts on “Captain Britain’s worst moments – Secret Avengers 22.

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  2. So I read the whole Secret Avengers run. It started off bad and was never really very good. But with hindsight I can see what Remender was trying to do. He attempted to take Cap B through all of his character development since his apperance in Excalibur and pack it into Secret Avengers. His version did get closer to the Alan Moore, Alan Davis and Paul Cornell version durimg AvX (despite some misteps) and afterwards. The first arc was really bad. I hung in there because it was Cap B and the great Archangel story in X-Force. Was I rewarded? Not quite. More the character was put back to where he had been before Remender ever wrote him.


    • I judge a Cap crossover by what I can remember and I remember so little about this. Now with the benefit of hindsight I agree with you that Remender was trying a bit of the old continuity reshuffle but there wasn’t enough time for it to work and Venom was doing well in his own series so his appearance shoved Cap to the sideline a bit.


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