The Captain Britain cartoon.

Can you imagine Captain Britain being made into a cartoon ? Implausible as the thought may be the good Captain has made a cartoon appearance but the jury is still out on whether it as any good or not.

Captain Britain was animated for his guest appearance in an episode of the Marvel cartoon ” The Super Hero Squad, ” a show based on the toys of the same name from Hasbro.

Here’s part of the episode ” O Captain, My Captain, ”  in which Captain Britain appears at around the 5:20 mark, have a watch and see what you think of the Captain’s animated debut.

I actually think after watching this that Captain Britain doesn’t come over that bad, not when compared to the terrible Captain Lichtenstein.

Sadly Hasbro never released a Captain Britain figure in their Super Hero Squad range but here is a custom-made one I found on the internet.

Captain Britain customised Super Hero Squad figure


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