Hell comes to Birmingham.

When you read super hero comics it can be strange to find the action taking place not in the USA or London but actually in a city that is just down the road from where you live.

But that’s exactly what I found when I read Captain Britain and MI-13 issues 5 to 9 ( from 2009 written by Paul Cornell ) which is set in the city of Birmingham, which is where I work and live just outside of.

The story is a great one where the evil demon Plokta takes control of a Birmingham tower block as his first step toward world domination and uses his power to give people their heart’s desire. Plokta tempts Captain Britain with the return of his true love Meggan who sacrificed herself in the House of M event, needless to say the good Captain resists and Plokta is defeated but not before he unleashes an army of mindless ones in an attempt to bring Birmingham to its knees.

Hell comes to Birmingham as well as being a great Captain Britain story and one I recommend you read is also a comic that makes me smile for three reasons.

Firstly the action takes place in a block of flats similar to the many that litter the skyline of Birmingham and which I pass on my daily commute.

Birmingham flats

Secondly because of the title Hell comes to Birmingham, Captain Britain actually made the pages of the local news paper the Birmingham Mail.

Thirdly Paul Cornell used the storyline to bring back a great character he first introduced in his Captain Britain related mini-series Wisdom, the one and only Captain Midlands.

Captain Midlands

Captain Midlands is a grumpy old sod, a sort of more right-wing Captain America and he is all the better a character for it. Sadly the Hell comes to Birmingham storyline sees him turn against Captain Britain and MI-13 and the finale sees him in prison offered suicide as a way to avoid disgrace. Paul Cornell leaves Captain Midlands fate hanging and I for one would like to hope he repented and is still out there fighting crime and moaning about it at the same time.


4 thoughts on “Hell comes to Birmingham.

  1. Also, as a Londoner, this happens to me a lot with comics. But when I was re-reading Hellblazer, I have to say the Newcastle storyline really stood out to me, because that’s where I live now. It’s amazing to see places we know appear in our favourite stories.


  2. Cheers for the comments glad you are enjoying the blog. The. Hellblazer Newcastle story is a superb work and this was very nearly a Hellblazer blog but I chose the Captain instead 🙂


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