Captain Britain Anime, not as Japanese as you might think.

If you were going to include Captain Britain in a cartoon then one in the Japanese style known as Anime might not be your first choice. However Marvel comics never a company to treat Captain Britain correctly decided he would be great as a cameo in their Anime style X-Men cartoon, but did it work?

The X-Men Anime series aired in Japan between 2010-11 and was translated into English and shown in America in 2012, the premise was simple in that the cartoon presented an alternate Marvel universe re-imagining classic characters for a Japanese audience.

Captain Britain appears in the X-Men series finale entitled ” Destiny, ” the clip below showcases him in action as he fights with other super- heroes to save the world.

I enjoyed the clip and felt it was nice to see Captain Britain looking good and being heroic, this correct treatment of Cap and indeed the success of the X-Men Anime is due in no small part to the involvement of British writer Warren Ellis.

Ellis who oversaw the cartoon is no stranger to Captain Britain having written his adventures during his tenure on the Excalibur comic, which probably explains his inclusion and correct treatment in this cartoon.

It’s also interesting to note that Ellis is one of a handful of British writers and artists who have always handled Captain Britain well and he also created his popular supporting character secret service agent Pete Wisdom, who fellow Cap scribe Paul Cornell first spun off into his own mini-series simply entitled Wisdom before putting him in the Captain Britain and MI-13 line up.

So it just goes to show that if Marvel leaves Captain Britain to British writers he can be treated correctly and not leave his fans wincing and crying into their cups of tea.

For other Captain Britain videos just click video in the sidebar.


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