Get your ( Captain Britain ) socks off.

Super hero merchandise is a funny old business, for every item that makes fans think  “wow I must own that, ” there is always another that causes people to go “what a rip off.” Captain Britain is no exception to this rule so lets have a look at what must be one of the oddest pieces of merchandise you can buy with the good Captain on it.

Now I must just point out Captain Britain has some great collectables out there and as I write about them you can find them all by clicking on the merchandise category and scrolling down, have a click now and look at some jigsaws.

But back to the odd stuff, if you like Captain Britain and your feet are cold you can buy Captain Britain socks from Asda, here’s a picture of the pair I own.

Captain Britian socks

The Asda range also includes this rather snazzy T-shirt which you probably won’t be surprised to hear I own as well.

Captain Britian t shirt

Now here’s a funny thing I wear the T-shirt but not the socks and for the life of me I don’t know why, I think it might be because I’m not sure if the socks fit me ( they were an impulse buy ) and I don’t want to remove the label in case they become worth something one day !


6 thoughts on “Get your ( Captain Britain ) socks off.

  1. I’m sad enoughbto own *both* of these items, and the white ‘Best of British’ t-shirt they released around the same time.

    Back in 2012 they did a few of these. Good time to cash in on Britain being cool again, for a bit.

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