My Captain Britain art gallery.

The resurgence of Captain Britain in comics ( despite his death,) has been of great advantage to the collector like me as there are now more and more items of merchandise for me to purchase with the good Cap on.

Trading cards are no exception to this rule and recently I have picked up some fantastic ones which feature actual Captain Britain art ( known as sketch cards,) these are so great I thought it might be nice to share my new Captain Britain art gallery with you.

First up is a card by talented artist Peter Simeti gotta love Cap’s chin on this one.

Captain Britain sketch card by Peter Simeti

Next an official Marvel sketch card by an artist whose name escapes me ! This card attracted me firstly as Captain Britain is in his original uniform and secondly because of the fantastic use of colour, some sketch cards have great art but because they are often in black and white just don’t look so dynamic.

Captain Britain sketch card 1

Last but by no means least is another official Marvel sketch card by artist Craig Yeung.

Captain Britain sketch card by Craig Yeung

Are you an artist who has drawn Captain Britain and would your work featured here then just let me know in the comments, or maybe you’ve come across some great Cap art just let me know so we can share it with all the readers of this blog.


2 thoughts on “My Captain Britain art gallery.

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