Captain Britain ( briefly ) meets Miracleman.

How is it possible for Captain Britain the property of Marvel comics to have met fellow super hero Miracleman, a comic book character without an owner and so buried deeply in litigation that his adventures might never see the light of day again ?

Well it’s quite easy really, all you need is the writing skills and imagination of Alan Moore, the madness of Captain Britain’s greatest adventure ” Jaspers’ Warp, ” and the talented pencils of Cap artist number one Alan Davis.

The brief meeting if you can even call it that takes place in the Daredevils magazine issue number 7  ( also noticeable for being the issue where Captain Britain met Terry Wogan, ) and I chanced upon it when reading about the Fury for an upcoming article.

The whole sequence takes place in another dimension where Linda McQuillan is the UK’s champion so our Captain Britain isn’t involved, what we do see though is the unstoppable killing machine the Fury destroy a whole load of superheroes some who bear very close resemblance to British comic book characters.

It’s during this carnage that Miracleman appears briefly before the Fury blasts him into oblivion.

Captain Britain meets Miracleman sort of

Then not to feel left out Miracleman’s sidekick Kid Miracleman appears in the guise of Linda’s partner Rick, needless to say he doesn’t last long before he sacrifices himself so she can escape to our Captain Britain’s dimension.

Captain Britian meets Kid Miracleman

I’m fairly certain that at the time this Captain Britain story came out Moore was writing Miracleman and Davis was certainly penciling some issues so I suppose this crossover was bound to happen. Nowadays I imagine if something similar happened especially involving Miracleman the lawyers would be out faster than a speeding bullet, as to whether Alan Moore’s marvelous Miracleman adventures will ever legitimately see the light of day we can only hope, hey the Zenith conundrum has been solved so who knows ?

More on the Fury later this week.


5 thoughts on “Captain Britain ( briefly ) meets Miracleman.

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  2. At the time it of this story he was still allowed to be called “Marvelman”. The character in the panel is an alternate reality version of Marvelman and the name used was “Miracleman”.

    This predates the renaming of the character in “our reality”. I suspect that Mr Moore cheekily reused the “miracleman” moniker when Marvel forced the rename as , and I hope this does not add to the eternal litigation, but Marvel would actually own the name “Miracleman” based on this appearance…


      • I wonder if Marvel’s lawyers even knew they had printed the first appearance of Miracleman

        Given the amount of complications they caused regarding a character that pre existing Marvel Comics using the name Marvelman I think they must have missed this !

        The Gary Leach art on Marvelman is best in the original black and white (which he spent a lot of time on) – so it is a shame Marvel printed it in colour..
        Although the recoloring is a lot better than that undertaken by Eclipse


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