Captain Britain meets D.R. and Quinch.

Last week I was surprised to find out  Captain Britain had met Miracleman once, well more digging revealed they have actually met twice along with some characters from British sci-fi anthology 2000AD.

This non continuity meeting takes place in the magazine Amazing Heroes issue 85 and was made possible by the artist of all the characters involved Alan Davis. As you can see from the cover below Davis produced a great piece of art linking Miracleman, Captain Britain and 2000AD’s D.R. and Quinch, but the cover wasn’t all he drew.

Captain Britain meets Miracleman, DR and Quinch in Amazing Heroes 15.

Inside the magazine Davis drew a special one page strip featuring everyone on the cover, readers were then invited to caption it with the lucky winner receiving the original art. Below is the strip along with the winning captions.

Captain Britian meets Dr Quinch and Miracleman in Amazing Heroes 15 interior art

Sadly as I commented in my previous piece about Captain Britain and Miracleman you can’t buy the latter’s adventures except through Ebay or second-hand bins as the hero is tied up in legal action. You can however buy the complete adventures of D.R. and Quinch written by Cap scribe Alan Moore and drawn by Alan Davis and while their adventures are the polar opposite to Captain Britain I love them and heartily recommend that you pick up a copy.


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