Captain Britain goes ape !

How bereft of ideas were Marvel comics in 2008 ? Well so bereft it seems that they released a mini series called Marvel Apes which re imagined all Marvel characters as monkeys. These comics were envisaged as a money-maker in the way the successful Marvel Zombies comics were but to nobodies surprise Marvel Apes quietly curled up and died without any of the formers success.

So what has this got to do with Captain Britain you might be asking, well to promote Marvel Apes a lot of Marvel titles released at that time had ape variant covers including Captain Britain and MI -13 issue 5.

Take a look at it below.

Captain Britain and MI13 ape variant

This cover means a lot to me for two reasons, firstly I imagine it as was inspired by the great UK King Kong inspired monkey movie, Konga.

Secondly up to the release of this cover I had never been a fan of variant comics often deriding them as rip offs only put out to make fans buy two, three or even more issues of the same comic. However I am a shallow man and when I found out Captain Britain variants existed then I had a road to Damascus moment and suddenly found myself asking my local comic shop for them. Variant comics ended up costing me a lot of money especially when Swamp Thing returned to the DC universe and it’s fair to say they triggered my move to digital comics but that’s another story.

Anyway I digress as I often do, what I meant to say is that this is an excellent cover and I’ll share more Captain Britain covers and variants over the coming weeks.


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