My mysterious Captain Britain badge.

Over the years I’ve bought a lot of Captain Britain merchandise and I’m proud to say I know the history of every piece I own, except one.

Captain Britain badge

This is a Captain Britain badge from the seventies but who made it, what it was given away with and anything else about it are to me complete unknowns, all I know is it’s a great badge and I bought it off Ebay for next to nothing.

So if you know anything about this badge please let me know in the comments section and if the history of this great piece is revealed I will share it all here.


10 thoughts on “My mysterious Captain Britain badge.

      • The badge was one in a series of Marvel & DC superheroes badges produced in 1977 or early 1978. They did Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, Captain Britain, Hulk, Captain America? plus one or two others. It wasn’t ‘given away’ – you would have purchased them in stationary/toy shops and possibly in some newsagents. It would have been presented on a very large laminated & perforated card featuring different characters, and you would have torn off the badge of your choice – resulting in you holding a square perforated card containing the badge (but ‘sealed’ in the laminate). I still have one or two ‘sealed’ in the perforated card, but there are no makers mark on the cards (that I have) – I think manufacturer details would have been present on a section of the large card not containing a badge.


      • I can practically guarantee the badge was manufactured by Monogram Products, from Largo, Florida, USA. I am preparing a website dedicated to these to be released soon and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to purchase or photograph any that I don’t already have. I hope to catalogue all of them on the site. There were 30+ (including variants) magnets, several badges, and a few electrical plate covers all manufactured by Monogram from 1975-1979. Please email pictures of the ones you have to if you will. Thanks.


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    • Interesting the cover to issue 1 suggests the gift was a mask. I wonder if the badge was a hidden extra or in shops at the same time so was bought as issue 1 was also purchased


      • Sorry mate I’m googling it now and it was the mask, my memory isn’t what it was but I’m sure I got it with one of the comics, maybe issue 3?

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      • Hmmmm the cover of 3 shows no gift but that doesn’t mean one wasn’t available. I think the badge was sold separately but as kids we saw it in the shops at the same time as the comic so we’ve linked the two.


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