Captain Britain vs Air-Walker, a triumph of brainpower.

I often bemoan Captain Britain’s writers for getting my hero all wrong and only last week I was critical of anyone who doesn’t realise Cap has an intellect to match his muscles. So imagine my surprise when I came across a great example of Captain Britain written “correctly,” let me tell you about it.

The comic in question is a one-shot starring the Excalibur team entitled ” Air Apparent, ” it came out in 1991 and was written by Scott Lobdell with Erik Larsen drawing the chapter with Captain Britain in that I want to focus on.

The story has Excalibur asked to take down a mad scientist’s experiment that involves him resurrecting a herald of Galactus known as Air-Walker, each team member has their individual mission and Cap being the powerhouse has the hardest task of stopping the Air-Walker itself.

Now here is where the story could have gone badly for Cap but Lobdell surprises the reader, lets take a look at how the battle starts.

Captain Britain vs Air Walker 1

So straight away we see Captain Britain is outclassed , then Lobdell teases us with this page that hints Cap might win by dumb luck

Captain Britain vs Air Walker 2

But just as I was about to call blunder factor this happens.

Captain Britain vs Air Walker 3

Cap uses his strength and intellect to create a feedback loop using the Air-Walker’s powered wings and it works as shown below.

Captain Britain vs Air Walker 4

So there we go Captain Britain saves the day using his brain and his brawn, a rare occurrence but I’m sure you will agree a great moment.


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