Phew what a scorcher, Captain Britain swimsuit special.

A trip to the seaside is as British as real ale, pork scratchings or a 99 with a flake, so to see Captain Britain in a beach setting would only be natural and not open him up to ridicule by Marvel comics in any way, would it ?

Sadly the answer is no, so let me tell you how more poor depictions of Captain Britain came about. In 1992 and 1993 Marvel decided to release swimsuit specials featuring their heroes modelling swimwear in a beach fashion shoot setting, as Excalibur was one of their best-selling comics Captain Britain and his team featured in both comics.

Here’s Excalibur from the 1992 issue drawn by Adam Hughes.

Excalibur Marvel swimsuit special 1992 by Adam Hughes

OK so first things first the team are wearing swimwear with the brand name ” Gaijin, ” which means alien in Japanese, way to go Marvel that’s quite disrespectful to say the least for a team with UK members, anyway onto Captain Britain who is the only male hero in this book deemed unsexy enough to not show his torso and he has ended up wearing what looks like a Victorian bathing costume.  Actually Cap fares better in the picture than Nightcrawler who is squeezed in the back almost as if as the picture was being finished Hughes realized he had forgotten to put him in and is he really that unpopular he has to play volley ball with himself.

Think it can’t get any worse, lets look at 1993’s Excalibur swim suit picture drawn by Gary Frank.

Excalibur Marvel swimsuit special 1993 by Gary Frank

Yes Captain Britain is now so popular he has been relegated to the background to cook the barbecue and in case you didn’t know the team were from the UK can you spot the Loch Ness monster ( which isn’t as good as this one that Cap fought.) Nightcrawler again fares almost as badly as Cap with his suggestive hot dogs and lascivious grin and surely he could have walked from the barbecue it’s not that far away?

Perhaps next time someone draws Captain Britain at the beach he needs to be wearing a kiss-me-quick hat, drinking a cup of tea and riding a donkey ? Don’t laugh it might be an improvement on these previous outings.


4 thoughts on “Phew what a scorcher, Captain Britain swimsuit special.

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