Captain Britain and the Walking Dead.

Zombies have always been popular at Halloween and other times and many comic book companies seek to exploit this with titles about the undead, Marvel Comics to make the most of the zombie cash cow hired Walking Dead scribe Robert Kirkman to create their franchise Marvel Zombies, but where does Captain Britain fit in?

Now every time a Marvel Zombies mini series hit the shelves most of Marvel’s current titles would get a zombie variant cover and Captain Britain and MI-13 was no exception as you can see below.

Captain Britain and MI13 issue 6 zombie variant.

But there is in my opinion an even better Captain Britain zombie pic from Marvel Zombies issue 2 drawn by the great artist Sean Phillips, check it out below.

zombie Captain Britain 2

What I love about this picture is that the Captain Britain zombie is patriotic enough to do his undead thing in front of Big Ben, probably in case the reader gets confused about where he is from and the Union Jack and red, white and blue costume aren’t enough of a clue.

Seriously though the first two Marvel Zombies series written by Kirkman and drawn by Phillips are a great read and if you haven’t picked them up I recommend you give them a go.


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