It’s a Synne. Captain Britain vs a diabolical doctor.

Anyone named Dr Synne was always going to be stuck when it came to finding work as their name sort of disqualifies them from entering the medical profession or perhaps being a benevolent professor of any university. No lets face it if you’re named Dr Synne there is only one career path you can choose, super villain.

Dr Synne made his debut in Captain Britain vol 1 issue 7 written by Chris Claremont and drawn by Herb Trimpe and was to stick around giving Cap quite a lot of hassle for the next few issues. How much hassle can be quite a lot you may ask, well lets take a look.

Not one for a slow start first of all Dr Synne causes Captain Britain and his sister Betsy’s plane to crash and then makes a very dramatic entrance for reasons not really explained by riding in on a horse ( who also looks quite evil.)

The debut of Dr Synne

Then in great comic book tradition he hypnotizes Betsy to attack Brian.

Betsy Braddock attacks Brian

Dr Synne’s next diabolical move is to turn a whole village against Captain Britain, one of whom shoots him with a shotgun.

Captain Britain shotgunned

But even when Dr Synne sets Cap on fire it doesn’t slow our hero down.

Captain Britain vs Dr Synne

Captain Britain defeats Dr Synne only to learn he was just a pawn in the machinations of his parent’s computer and unknown to them both he was defeated by the careless press of a switch from Captain Britain’s cleaning lady.

Dr Synne defeated by cleaning lady

So another great Captain Britain baddy bites the dust but the stage is set for a showdown with the evil computer that spawned Dr Synne, more on that next week.


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