Captain Britain meets the Prime Minister

Captain Britain has met many famous people in his career including the Queen so it was only a matter of time before he crossed paths with the Prime Minister, but which one ?

Well in March 1977 in a crossover with Captain America to battle the Red Skull our heroes find they must shelve their differences to rescue the Prime Minister of the time James Callaghan.

Before we get to my favourite image from the story take a look at this great page where the Red Skull kidnaps the PM in the most audacious manner only a super villain can.

Captain Britain 21 James Callaghan

Below is my favourite page from the story which is also a superb cover where Callaghan shows he has more balls than any Prime Minister then and now.

Captain Britain 23

As a closing thought I know artists often take liberties with how people look but that certainly isn’t the James Callaghan I remember.

James Callaghan

Perhaps it was a life model decoy ?


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