King Braddock the First.

Marvel Comics House of M event saw an parallel Earth spring into existence where mutants were the dominant species and ruled over ‘normal’ homo-sapiens but more importantly Brian Braddock never became Captain Britain.

As per all Marvel events the effects were felt in all its core titles but I’m sure you’re only interested in what did Brian Braddock do if he never became Captain Britain in this twisted universe, simple he became King of England.

Here is a piece from a Marvel House of M promotional comic about King Braddock the First.

King Braddock the first

The scan hasn’t bought the text out brilliantly as the quality of the paper was poor to begin with but the start of it reads,

” The British Royal Family decamped this morning from Buckingham Palace London to Braddock Manor the ancestral estate in the west of England for a weekend of festival activities in celebration of Lord Magneto.

The published guest list reads like an A-List ‘ Who’s Who ‘ of both the Mutant and Baseline Society headed by the Prime Minister and Mrs Blair. The centrepiece of the scheduled events is a gala ball to be hosted by the Monarch himself and his consort her Royal Majesty Queen Meggan. Initially talks had been floated about the possibility of Lord Magneto himself attending but it is now believed he will be staying in his capital Hammer Bay, Genosha.”

The article then lays the ground for Cap’s appearance in the House of M Uncanny X-Men event and the formation of his new Excalibur team post House of M. For once a Marvel event was to have a a lasting effect on Captain Britain as Queen Meggan sacrifices herself to seal a rift threatening the cosmos not reappearing until Paul Cornell bought her back in the pages of Captain Britain and MI-13 a few years later.

So there you go a quick introduction to King Braddock, his Uncanny X-Men crossover is deserving of a post of its own due to its knock on effect on Captain Britain’s life so I will look at that in more detail next week.


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