Captain Britain in the malevolent menace of Mastermind.

Have you ever had one of those days when your sister tried to kill you, you get blasted with a shotgun, a super villain tried to destroy you and then when you get home the computer your parents built is waiting to fight you ?

Captain Britain has and all of the above can be read about here in last weeks post where he fought Dr Synne.  The climax of that fight revealed a terrible menace behind Synne’s actions which is where we join Captain Britain now in an adventure entitled ” the malevolent mind of Mastermind.”

Before we get into the story lets pause for a quick look at Mastermind himself in the shot below. Herb Trimpe I feel has come with a great design, notice how Mastermind towers over Cap physically but also has the enlarged head of the villain who is also a genius and a sinister electrical like glow indicating his computer powers.

Captain Britain vs Mastermind

Any fight with a baddie doesn’t start well if they know your secret identity and Mastermind is quick to throw Cap off his guard by revealing he knows his, then he attacks him with a deadly blast of what we are told is light transmitted as energy. OK I imagine the term laser wasn’t that common in 1977 when this comic came out but Mastemind has worse tricks up his electronic sleeve to come.

Not content with physically beating Captain Britain Mastermind then tries to mentally beat him as well with his own secret origin and how Brian Braddock’s selfishness caused the death of his own parents.

Death of Captain Britains parents 1

Death of Captain Britains parents

Poor Cap is knocked for six by this evil attack and the cliffhanger sees him actually wishing he was dead. I must say this is a great plot idea from Claremont in that the hero is beaten not by brawn but a sneaky psychological attack which has all the power of a good right hook.

Help comes in an unlikely form as just like when he battled Dr Synne Captain Britain’s cleaning lady rescues him again by distracting Mastermind and causing our hero to have a change of heart and decide to take Mastemind on. Trimpe’s picture of an angry Mastermind in the last panel below is one of my favourites, doesn’t he look cross !

Cleaning lady to the rescue

In a nice combination of brains and brawn Captain Britain uses his staff to end Masteminds evil ways, look at the great expression of fear Trimpe now gives the evil computer.

Mastermind destroyed

The story ends with out hero not basking in his triumph but determined to get Emma the cleaning lady to hospital, however waiting outside is his old nemesis Inspector Dai Thomas who arrests Cap and then threatens worse as you can see below.

Captain Britain unmasked

Tune in next week for  ” A Hero Unmasked,”  a surprise guest star or two and another great Cap story from the seventies.


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