I hope the Marvel UK revivial doesn’t include Plasmer.

Marvel UK is fondly remembered by a lot of Brits as a powerhouse of ideas that was cut short in its prime and for the most part that is quite true. However like all comic book companies Marvel UK had their share of clunkers in this case the black sheep of their funny book family was certainly Plasmer.

Plasmer was a four-part mini series created by Glen Dakin and Pascual Ferry put out by Marvel UK in 1993, the heroine of the title was a shape-shifting artificial life form who fought bad guys. To be honest I had hoped to include more detail about the comic but I struggled to get past the first few page of issue 1, so instead here is the titles appalling treatment of Marvel UK staples Captain Britain and the Black Knight.

Plasmer 2 with Captain Britain

Check out the terrible tag line , the goofy expressions on everyones faces and the just general awfulness that is the cover to Plasmer issue 2.

In issue three sales have got that bad that another guest star is shoe horned in.

Captain Britain and Plasmer

So while I’m looking forward to the new Marvel UK relaunch ( which you can read about here or here with my own thoughts added, ) I’m seriously hoping Plasmer’s invite gets “lost” in the mail.


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