Captain Britain, Death’s Head and Marvel UK vs Dracula.

Captain Britain and MI-13 by Paul Cornell was one of the best series to star Cap and although it was sadly cut short after fifteen issues and an annual believe me it went out with a bang, as I will explain in a moment.

Now I’ve already covered the final page of that issue and its unending brilliant Britishness here and my thoughts on the spiffing ” Hell comes to Birmingham ,” story here but what I didn’t mention is that the last issue is also chockfull of great Marvel UK characters.

Here is the splash page as the Marvel UK bunch make their grand entrance to help Captain Britain deliver a solid ass kicking to Dracula and his minions.

Marvel UK Deaths head and Captain Britain vs Dracula

We have from top to bottom Dark Angel, Digitek, Tangerine and Death’s Head all ready to help Cap and MI-13 kick some vampire ass, no Motormouth though despite myself being convinced she was in this issue.

As the scan isn’t the best you might miss Death’s Head great three word announcement “Surprise appearance. Yes ? ” which pretty much summed up how I felt when I first read the comic !

More Captain Britain and Marvel UK tomorrow as I look at the time Cap met Dark Angel.


8 thoughts on “Captain Britain, Death’s Head and Marvel UK vs Dracula.

  1. Motormouth did appear in this arc though, she and Killpower were dispatched early on to protect Faiza’s family. We never saw the battle but Harley was hospitalised (and appeared in bed talking to a visiting Wisdom) and Dracula attempted to turn Julius into a vampire. It apparently fails as he is immune to magic…..however he does look at bit ‘pale’ near the end….


    • Hahaha touche my friend! It’s one of the very few critiques I have with a series that was otherwise seamless… he a vampire at the end or did he ‘shrug’ it off? I hope one day we see Faizas Dad back too, not to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t read it but it’s a unique ending for the chap.


    • I remember getting really excited about her and Killpower being promised an appearance from an interview with Paul Cornell……and then being a bit gutted she appeared so briefly! That splash page however more than made up for it!


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