More thoughts on the Marvel UK relaunch

Over the weekend Andy Lanning was interviewed by CBR and let slip some more information about the Marvel UK relaunch Revolutionary War.

You can read the full interview here and after you’ve digested it read on for my thoughts on the new news concerning the relaunch.

First of all I was pleased to read that Lanning gives us a firm total on how long the series will be, who’s in it and a bit more.

There are going to be eight issues in total which will include an Alpha and an Omega issue that are the bookends which tell the main story. But that story also runs through six one-shots that each focus on an individual character. I think the order is Dark Angel, Knights of Pendragon, Death’s Head, Motormouth, Super Soldiers and Warheads. Each of those characters will get a one-shot against the backdrop of this over-arching story that the Alpha and Omega issues tell. It’s going to come out over three months with two issues, and then three and then three.”

So firstly I hope Captain Britain is in the main story because if he isn’t and as he isn’t down for a one-shot then its going to feel like the Marvel UK universe relaunch is incomplete. What is good news though is we are getting a mini series of a good length with accompanying one shots so the story shouldnt be truncated and one shots of supporting characters are also a great way to let them shine without derailing the main story.

Lanning is vague on who will be joining him and Cowsil on author duties though with this comment,

Well, Alan Cowsill and I are going to write four of the issues. We’re writing the Alpha and Omega issues as well as “Death’s Head” and “Warheads.” The other four we’ll hopefully get four English writers to do.”

If Alan Davis doesn’t write and or draw something for Revolutionary War then something will be missing in my opinion, as for the other writers we can only speculate on who they might be and if by making sure they are English if this choice will help or hinder the project.

At the end of the interview Lanning does slip in the name of one of the artists, Richard Elson

” Richard Elson is drawing the Alpha and Omega issues, and time permitting, I’m going to be inking him on that as well. He’s been doing some great stuff for Marvel of late on “Thor” and the “Morbius” series, and he started out on Marvel UK as well. There’s a lovely symmetry there, and Rich and I have actually worked together outside of comics stuff, but this is our first chance to work as writer/artist, which will be awesome. That was one of the boxes ticked, as far as I was concerned.”

A quick look at Elson’s drawing pedigree via the link above reveals a distinguished line going back to 2000AD, have a look below at some of his great art used as the cover for that comic’s story Kingdom which I think looks superb.


And heres another Elson piece from Marvel’s Thor.

Elson Thor

So there we go some firm information about the Marvel UK relaunch, are you happy with what is being released or do you think something is missing why not leave a comment with your thoughts on the relaunch so far.


2 thoughts on “More thoughts on the Marvel UK relaunch

  1. very happy with the news filtering out so far. Like yourself I am hoping that the good Captain is a driving force in this. However from what we’ve heard so far it’s not sounding that way, hopefully I’ll be proved wrong. That said at least these characters are being used so I don’t want to show anything negative towards it. It’s a tremendous leap in the right direction for Marvel. Richard Elson is a remarkable artist, a very good fit if CB&MI13 is ever relaunched I think.


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