Custom Captain Britain and Marvel UK figures

Along with the Marvel UK relaunch there will hopefully be as well as the comics lots of lovely merchandise possibly in my favourite form of action figures of the main protagonists, plus ( though this is probably wishful thinking, ) a new Captain Britain figure as the last one wasnt really that good.

Thinking of action figures got me wondering if there had been any Marvel UK ones that came out twenty years ago but sadly a google search would seem to indicate there wasn’t. Then I had a brain wave what if some of the very talented people who make custom action figures had ever turned their talents to Marvel UK’s heroes, a new google search turned up some great and surprising results.

Here is Death’s Head.

Deaths Head custom figure

And here he is again, a superb figure.

Deaths Head custom figure 2

Here is Digitek, which I was surprised to find but not as much as…

Digitek custom figure

Dark Angel from her role in the Marvel UK title Cyberspace 3000, when she appeared as the Herald of Galactus.

Dark Angel custom figure

Back to more prolific figures how about this marvellous Union Jack, or a page of them here.

Union Jack custom figure

And last but by no means bringing up the rear is this zombie Captain Britain or if you prefer a more normal version click here.

Captain Britain custom zombie figure

So if any new Marvel UK action figures do come out following Revolutionary War I think if they don’t come up to the standard seen here then its going to be a poor look out for buyers.
Do you have any old Marvel UK memorabilia or what new items would you like to see ?
Leave a comment and let me know.


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