Captain Britain Timeslipped

Marvel Timeslip was a series of two-page spreads that ran in the Marvel Vision fan magazine in the 90s, each one was a re-imagining of a classic Marvel character by a modern-day creator. Every entry included a short explanation of the changes (usually involving a slight origin change) and a full-page picture of the re-imagined character.

Surprisingly Timeslip involved Captain Britain by Matt Smith, so here he is in all his reimagined glory, the scan isn’t great but if you click on the picture you can read the interesting twist in Cap’s origin.

Timeslip Captain Britain



2 thoughts on “Captain Britain Timeslipped

  1. I really rather like that – in part for the idea that our “real”, flawed, Captain could have been so much more. That said, a perfect character would have been much duller to read about.


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