Captain Britain in ” A Hero Unmasked. “

When we last left Captain Britain in our overview of his seventies adventures he was in rather a sticky situation.

Captain Britain unmasked

Now read on to find out how Cap escapes an unmasking, teams up with his counterpart from across the pond, rescues the Prime Minister and defeats the Red Skull.

All this madcap action takes place in Captain Britain 16 to 27 and was written by Gary Friedrich and Larry Lieber with art by John Buscema and Herb Trimpe.But now back to the action.

Luckily before disaster strikes Captain Britain who should appear but Captain America (who seems to have a bit of an inferiority complex, )  before both heroes have the obligatory we’ve just met so lets fight sequence.

Captain America

Captain Britain in a bizarre moment of patriotism is rescued from the fight by his former unmaskers and before you can say here come the Nazis here they come. But the Red Skull is a devious enemy and his troops are just a distraction as he has actually set a deadly trap in Captain Britain’s home Braddock Manor itself.

Captain Britain and Captain America

Things seem to be going our heroes way when they escape until the Red Skull has the whole manor house itself destroyed and a nation mourns as Captain A and B are believed to have perished.

Captain Britain and Captain America destruction of Braddock manor

For no reason other than it looks good Nick Fury ( who along with SHIELD have been crammed into the story,) escapes the clutches of the Red Skull with a cigar he probably stole from James Bond and promises the Prime Minister to avenge the fallen heroes by taking out the Red Skull personally.

Nick Fury is james Bond

The Red Skull however moves first in a dramatic moment..

Captain Britain 21 James Callaghan

.. but our heroes are still alive and track the Red Skull to his lair to rescue the PM only to end up all captured and facing a firing squad.

Captain Britain 23

The execution is postponed when Parliament surrenders to the Skull’s demands but the Skull has for reasons not quite made clear also planted a germ bomb in Big Ben, which he now plans to detonate.

The scene is set for a nerve shattering showdown between Captain Britain and the Red Skull on Big Ben itself, of course our hero triumphs but sadly the Red Skull escapes.

Captain Britain vs the Red Skull

So there we go 12 issues of Captain Britain seventies insanity and also Cap’s first long multi part story and his first meeting with Captain America so it’s a story packed with firsts.

If I had to choose a favourite moment from the madness I am probably going to find it hard to choose between the kidnapping of the Prime Minister ( which I covered in more detail here,) or the final showdown on Big Ben ( brilliantly called Hickory Dickory Death in the comic.)

The whole twelve issues read like the old Flash Gordon cinema shows where the heroes escape one peril only to plunge into the next trap at the end of the issue, but I like it as compared to the exposition heavy modern stories readers can encounter its great to have near constant action with a seat of the pants feel.

If you fancy reading this or any of the other seventies Cap Stories they are collected in volumes one and two of his adventures by Marvel. Join us again soon for more seventies Cap mayhem in “Night of the Hawk.”


4 thoughts on “Captain Britain in ” A Hero Unmasked. “

  1. Absolute Silver Age genius. I’ve read these stories over and over again and they never fail to impress me with their kinetic chapters. Always like seeing Captains A & B meeting. In a side note (just in case anyone is interested) in the Heroic Age one-shot ‘Superheroes’ (a fact file type book written by Steve Rogers) Captain America describes his admiration for Brian and considers him as a potential candidate to succeed him as the Star Spangled Avenger!


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