The Captain Britain blog celebrates its 50th post with some fun facts.

It’s funny how you can sit down to start a blog about Captain Britain and Marvel decide as you get the first post up that its time to kill him off, luckily my enthusiasm for Cap wasn’t dampened by this cheap publicity stunt and his death was one of the three events that inspired me to blog and keep on doing so, but first a quick explanation.

Today the Captain Britain blog celebrates its 50th post and I thought it might be an idea to touch base with all the readers and take a look at what inspires me to write before sharing some of the site’s more bizarre facts and figures with you.

As I said earlier the first of three events that inspired me to write was that very quickly into the life of my blog Marvel killed Captain Britain in their Age of Ultron crossover, or did they? Too be honest I didn’t read much of the story and with Cap due to reappear I imagine his death was a temporary as a super hero death is these days. However this event made me want to keep blogging to remind people there was more to Captain Britain than a throw away demise in a pointless crossover.

The second inspirational event was that Marvel announced the return of Marvel UK , as a huge fan of the comics from this studio and with the return also starring Captain Britain I just had to write because there would be fresh Cap material and to be honest any excuse to write about Marvel UK should never be ignored.

captain britain advert

The last thing that struck me was how many people share my love of Captain Britain and enjoyed reading about him and his rich ( if chequered, ) history. As far as I am aware while many comic book blogs might mention Cap there is no site that is just devoted to him and so that’s all the more reason to keep writing about him.

So hopefully as long as Captain Britain is around then I can keep writing about him and you can keep enjoying it, simple really. Which means I just need to welcome to all my readers whether you came here early on, by a misleading Google link or by whatever means I hope you enjoy what you find and keep coming back.

Ok time to step off the soapbox, I thought it might be fun to share a few stats from behind the scenes of this blog with you, firstly here are the top five countries that visitors come from to the site.

1. UK.

2. USA.

3. Canada.

4. Spain.

5. Ireland.

I think you might agree number four is a surprise but here’s a  big ” ola, ”  to all my Spanish visitors.

Anyway once people get here they are likely to read one of the top 5 posts on this site as listed below.

1. The Marvel Uk revival.

2. The Captain Britain cartoon.

3. Captain Britain action figure problems.

4. Captain Britain, Death’s Head and Marvel UK vs Dracula.

5. Making the Captain Britain movie.

My feature on the Marvel UK relaunch rightly stands at number one as it was great news that came out of the blue and excited a lot of people including me, I will do my best to keep the news coming about this brilliant project.

Now lots of people have used many different ways to find this blog and after links and the obvious search engine input here are the top 5 most bizarre terms that people put into a search engine which then lead them to this blog.

1. Physic genius comments – which leads people to this post.

2. Britain’s lowest moments – which leads people here, don’t know what they made of that.

3. Lascivious Marvel comics – which leads to who knows what post.

4. Very frank swimsuit – which leads to one of my most favourite posts here.

5. Captain Konga – I don’t know who Captain Konga is but it leads people here.

So thanks for dropping by for this anniversary post hope to see you here again when the site hits 100 posts and don’t forget you can support the Captain Britain blog by liking the page on Facebook.

excalibur 54

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3 thoughts on “The Captain Britain blog celebrates its 50th post with some fun facts.

  1. Loving the blog, us diehard Captain Britain fans gotta stick together.

    Pretty sure the death seen in Age of Ultron was an alternative timeline and Brian has his feet up with a nice cup of tea wondering where those kids last seen in avengers academy flashbacks got to


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