The holy grail of Captain Britain collectables.

I’ve bought a lot of Captain Britain collectables over the years from jigsaws and action figures to trading cards and strange comics but one piece still eludes me, this marvelous Captain Britain statue.

Bowen designs Captain Britain statue

16 inches tall and retailing for $199 ( probably not including postage, ) it is a mighty piece of Captain Britain merchandise from Bowen Designs and would look great next to my Cap bust.

Captain Britain bust

The picture above isn’t my actual bust as it’s in the loft awaiting the time I can repair the missing paint chips ( which is why it was so cheap on Ebay, ) and give it pride of place on my shelves.

Maybe one day I will have the money to buy the statue but until then I will just have to content myself with pressing my face longingly against the Bowen shop window like a small child. This might be quite difficult as their shop is on the internet but I’ll think of some way round it.

Do you own any great Captain Britain collectables or lust after one that is just out of your reach?

Let me know in the comments.


5 thoughts on “The holy grail of Captain Britain collectables.

  1. I’ve only ever managed to stump up for the bust shown above. Stumping up 3 figure sums for anything comic related is a little too far for me 😦 One day, maybe.


  2. I have one of statues and despite what the post above says, I have no problems with the statue. it’s completely awesome. i’m so glad that I pre-ordered it before release so I don’t have to pay some stupid inflated ebay price.


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