Captain Britain meets Deadpool – not as bad as you might think !

I must confess when I originally learnt that Captain Britain was to team-up with Deadpool it felt like a little bit of my soul died, then I read the comic and I was quite surprised. Sure its full of bad jokes, has a dodgy plot and is obviously a money making tie in but it does have some redeeming features, but first the science bit.

Deadpool Team-Up number 893 ( it had a very weird numbering system don’t ask, ) came out in May 2010, Rob Williams was the writer, Matteo Scalera handled the art and Ramos & Delgado did this rather neat cover ( which is a major spoiler for the plot, but then covers often are !)

Deadpool team up with Captain Britain

The story starts in typical Deadpool fashion with an over the top movie homage this time to James Bond, full points to Deadpool for playing blackjack with what look like Top Trump cards but…

Deadpool top trumps

minus points for calling a woman a bint.

Deadpool calls a woman a bint

Anyway Williams has done his continuity homework and its seems an old foe of Captain Britain’s known as Slaymaster despite being dead ( Cap killed him after he blinded his sister, ) is still causing trouble as the location of his high-tech armoury is now in the public domain.

Cap is sent off to make sure the weapons don’t fall into the wrong hands while Deadpool is only to keen for this to happen providing the hands are his.

Both arrive and the obligatory mistaken fight sequence occurs but our heroes are too late as another mercenary has beaten them to the haul and is now armed and dangerous. In a Monty Pythonesque moment Cap and Deadpool recreate a scene from Holy Grail and bravely run away and here is where the madness begins.

Deadpool and Captain Britain run away

As you can probably guess from the cover some sort of identity swap is involved but this time our heroes don’t swap bodies but instead trade cultures. This is a cue for lots of jokes about the UK and the USA and their respective cultural stereotypes, some funny and some not so.

Deadpool and Captain Britain culture swap

There is a great moment when Deadpool is paralysed with British angst whereas Captain Britain gets overly confident before Deadpool goes slightly over the top in his battle wear. Then in a marvelous end scene that I feel is a tribute to Cap’s original Slaymaster encounter he offs the villain with no regrets at all.

So there you go a comic that is really just an excuse to make fun of the stereotypes the UK and USA have about each others respective cultures but done in a way that only makes you occasionally cringe. Despite this being a Deadpool title both heroes come off looking a bit daft so I am unable to have my usual rant about poor representations of Captain Britain in cross overs, much to my disappointment.

So there you go I like a comic with Deadpool in and I never thought I might one day type that.


2 thoughts on “Captain Britain meets Deadpool – not as bad as you might think !

  1. I recall feeling a bit embarrassed aboutasking my LCS to put this issue aside for me on my standing order and then being quite impressed with it when I eventually got to read it! Nice write up. And good to see CB’s MI13 uniform….I really liked it. It popped up briefly in X-Men Legacy lately I hope it makes a return for Reveolutionary War.


    • Yes it’s almost as if the comic should be in a brown paper bag but doesn’t deserve it !

      Lots more great cross covers coming including She Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Spider-Man and more so stay tuned.


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