The bizzare world of early Captain Britain trading cards.

Trading cards are funny old things they can be great money makers for comic book companies but they can often seemed rushed and the heroes they portray bear only a passing resemblance to their funny book counter parts.

Here are some Captain Britain trading cards that were released as part of the Marvel Universe series that came out yearly from 1990 – 1993, see what you think of their representation and arbitrary facts about our favourite hero.

Here is the card from 1990.

Captain Britain Marvel Universe series 1 1990

OK the art is a bit lacklustre and the suspect did you know fact really only occurred in this terrible story here, not a great start and then there’s mention of Cap being hot-headed which you will see becomes a sadly common theme. However all this daftness pales into insignificance next to the info ( pulled from who knows where, ) that Captain Britain has taken part in 514 fights. If you take into account Cap came along in 1976 and this card was released in 1990 then he was having a fight nearly every 10 days whereas using the same data from the Hulk card he was only having a fight every 14 days , make of that what you will !

Anyway enough maths here is the card from 1991.

Captain Britain Marvel Universe series 2 1991

OK so there is better art and a more accurate fact on this card but I am never a fan of Captain Britain being portrayed against something British just in case it seems whoever picks up the card needs a further visual clue as to who he is. However this pales against Cap’ s intelligence rating of 2 out of 7, I mean is this meant to defend the comment that he is still hot-headed ?

Lets move quickly onto the card from 1992.

Captain Britain Marvel Universe series 3  1992

So in the last 12 months Cap has obviously been going to night school or something similar because his intelligence has increased by a whole point ! But hold on what’s this in the description it seems Captain Britain now has a selfish nature and check out the date on the Cap quote its 16 years old, sack the fact checkers I say !

Lastly here is the card from 1993

Captain Britain Marvel Universe series 4 1993

Yet again another succesful year of home study for Cap sees his intelligence rating increase again but in all honesty this card disgraces itself in many ways, poor art, the wrong rating again for Captain Britain’s intelligence when we know he is a genius and I must mention the art again, why does it look like Cap has set his farts on fire or is passing terrible wind?

As a bonus and a break from the insanity here is a very early Cap trading card from the seventies.

Captain Britain card from Marvel game

My things were simpler then and better for it.


4 thoughts on “The bizzare world of early Captain Britain trading cards.

  1. Ooooh the editorial X-office in the 90’s really didn’t like our boy Brian did they? The attempt to retcon him into a mutant never sat well with me…’d think they’d at least get his height right!


  2. The 1991 card which you say has more accurate facts claims Captain Britain is a mutant, which he isn’t, so I have to mark down that card’s accuracy rating.


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