More weird Captain Britain trading cards.

Last week I looked at some Captain Britain trading cards from the early nineties, as I was researching these ( Ok looking through my trading card folder, ) I came across two more that I had thought of adding to the first post but because they come from a more superior range of Marvel cards I thought they deserved their own post.

Lets start with their history, between 1992 and 1994 Marvel released three series of deluxe trading cards that went under the impressive title of Marvel Masterpieces , Captain Britain actualy appeared in the first two series so lets have a look at his cards.

First from 1992 Cap by Joe Jusko ( my favourite art despite Cap’s head being smaller than the width of his arms ! )

Captain Britain Marvel Legends series 1 by Joe Jusko

At least there are no random stats about Cap for me to gripe about but yet again the text mentions that our hero is hot-headed and has a stubborn personality that is apparently that bad it gets in the way of his being a hero. This to me is a round about way of saying Captain Britain is hard to write properly so many of those who have scripted his adventures have just never researched or written him correctly.

The next card is from 1993 and is drawn by Byrne and Hunt ( note the actual card is cut so as the text is misisng its not a bad scan ! )

Captain Britian Marvel Legends series 2

The text is a bit harder to read on this one so I’ll just point out that yet again Cap is ” a young hot head, ” who defends Europe as well as the UK, why the Europe reference or the addition of the word young unless its to defend the hot-head description is beyond me.

Sadly Captain Britain didn’t even make the cut for the third Masterpiece series but Pheonix, Nightcrawler and the Black Knight did, leaving me confused but sort of glad as I don’t think I could have taken another poorly researched Cap trading card.


4 thoughts on “More weird Captain Britain trading cards.

  1. I’m always grateful he’s included, even if some of the facts are suspect, it’s got to be better than being ignored and forgotten. Is there a good list of all Cap’s trading card appearances anywhere?


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