Then there was the time Captain Britain died off panel.

Sometimes words fail me when writing about Captain Britain and todays post is no exception as I bring you a tale about one of the times Cap bit the dust, nothing new about that you might say well this time there is, as all the action and death takes place off panel.

This oddest of deaths needn’t have happened as things were looking good for Cap, Alan Davis had just finished his Excalibur run tying up a lot of continuity problems while writing and drawing excellent stories and things for Excalibur and Captain Britain never looked stronger, until this happend.

Captain Britain in Excalibur 68

Yes in the space between Davis’ last issue and Scot Lobdell’s first Captain Britain ” dies, ” off panel, with only a very weak explanation. Of course this being comics Cap soon returns as the mullet headed Britannic whose story is so complicated it’s worth a post of its own.


Anyway my favourite part of this article was finding out what other writers thought of all this tom foolery, which is best seen here in ClanDestine issue 10 ( an Alan Davis creation.)

Captain Britain in Clandestine 10

And I must say I heartily agree with him.


6 thoughts on “Then there was the time Captain Britain died off panel.

  1. Vile, vile, vile – yes this was truly awful and made me stop reading Excalibur…and Britannic should never, ever be mentioned in polite company…
    However…Pedant Corner Strikes – Clan Destine # 10 wasn’t written by Davis, also it wasn’t creator owned and the team belongs to Marvel. All the events taking place after Davis left Clan Destine were ret-conned as a dream when Davis returned to the characters in X-Men Vs Clan Destine a few years later in the space of one panel.


      • No worries mate. I’m reading Clan Destine at the moment so it’s quite fresh in the noggin. Davis slipped a few background cameos of CB and Meggan in throughout the series. Did you ever read the Clan Destine mini Blood Relative? There’s a brilliant full appearance by the original Excalibur line-up that takes place during the Cross-Time-Caper. Hopefully someday someone picks up on the dangling plot thread of that meeting.


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