The Captain Britain blog lives again

OK, so after a long absence the Captain Britain blog is back in business. All the Cap news, views and obscure trivia you will ever need will be making a return to the internet next week.


I’d like to say sorry that the blog went away in the first place, I only meant to take a week off blogging last year to refresh my brain, and nearly 12 months later I finally get back to writing.

Anyway I’m not going to dwell on the blog’s absence, just to say thanks to everyone who contacted me to see if all was well, to suggest post ideas and share the Captain Britain love.

The ” relaunch ” will see a couple of changes to the blog….

Firstly, I don’t want to dwell on all that the Captain has suffered at the hands of Marvel Comics, I don’t want to share his ill-treatment – unless it’s funny because it’s done badly – I want to share the Cap love.

Next, not all posts will be about the Captain, I have been reading comics for nearly 40 years and plan to trawl my archives to share some great reads that I hope Cap fans will enjoy.

Apart from that expect the usual blend of trivia, archive trawling and nonsensical opinions that pour forth from my mind when I write about my favourite super hero and my love of comics.

See you next week.



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