Captain Britain meets Bruce Forsyth and Judge Dredd. Was Alan Moore responsible?

In 1991, comic publishers Fleetway licensed Captain Britain, along with other UK comic book characters to appear in their one-off Comic Relief charity comic. For the good Captain his appearance here rates perhaps as his most surreal cross-over ever. Read on to find out why.

Before we look at Captain Britain’s charity appearance it’s worth noting what an extraordinary comic the Comic Relief book was; one of the reasons for this comes from the massive amount of talented funny book people involved in the project. On board were Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, Garth Ennis, Grant Morrison, Mark Millar and more. ( The full list if you are interested can be found here. )

Captain Britain’s appearance is reprinted below – click to enlarge.

Captain Britain and Judge Dredd


So, Captain Britain faces off against some distinguished competition in what can only be described as a ” chin off.” From left to right his rivals are….

2000AD’s legendary lawman, Judge Dredd.

From The Eagle, hard travelling space hero, Dan Dare.

From the now sadly cancelled kids comic The Dandy, Desperate Dan.

Last but by no means least comic book collector and writer, Jonathan Ross.

Despite the propensity of their chins all the entrants have no chance against UK entertainer Bruce Forsyth, but to be fair he really does have a big chin, there is little exaggeration in the comic book panel he appears in.

Despite a lot of searching I’m still not sure who wrote Captain Britain’s Comic Relief appearance. However, I would like to imagine with the subversive humour on display and his past history with the character that Alan Moore was to blame. Who knows?

As you can see from Cap’s appearance Comic Relief is celebrated with all involved donning a comedy red nose, and his charity appearance wasn’t the last time he wore one. Years later on the cover to Excalibur 54 ( pictured below) Alan Davis was to draw Cap with exactly the same nasal appendage.


So there you have one of Captain Britain’s weirdest cross-overs, but as it was all in a good cause, I’m sure you will join me in forgiving Fleetway for this odd Cap appearance.

Before I sign off while researching this article I found this interesting snippet from Neil Gaiman on his input to this comic here.

Do you remember the Comic Relief comic? Do you think Captain Britain should have won the ” chin off, ” or are you just left confused?

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.



3 thoughts on “Captain Britain meets Bruce Forsyth and Judge Dredd. Was Alan Moore responsible?

    • Thanks for your comment glad you enjoyed the article. It’s true that Bruce is only in one panel and looks like Bruce wheras without captions I think you would be hard pressed to recognise Ross.


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