Captain Britain and his Britmobile

If I asked you to think of a famous superhero’s car, chances are the first one to enter your head might well be Batman and his iconic Batmobile. Bonus points to anyone who remembered Spider-Man and his Spider- Mobile.

However, what you might not be aware of is that Captain Britain has also got in on the whole superhero car scene, with his very own Britmobile.

OK, the car never appeared in any Captain Britain comic, but it made an appearance in the excellent LEGO Marvel Super Heroes game, see the picture of the Britmobile below.

Captain Britains LEGO Britmobile

I’m loving the colour scheme and the fact that it’s obviously based on the iconic British car the Mini, just makes it perfect for Captain Britain to cruise around in when he’s just too tired to fly or when he wants to imagine he’s in the Italian Job.

Here’s a video from the game with some Captain Britain dialogue and the car in action.

I would certainly recommend the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes game (check my review of it for PlayStation Universe, ) as a wonderfully irreverent look at the whole Marvel universe. Then when you add in the bonus factor that you can play as Captain Britain, and drive his fab Britmobile then surely things just can’t get any better.

What do you think of Captain Britain’s Britmobile? Do you think it should have been another type of car or something else altogether?

Let rip in the comments below.


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