Captain Britain meets Dr Who. Is Russell T Davies a secret Captain Britain fan?

Now updated – see last paragraph and comments.

Next to my love for Captain Britain I also have an unhealthy obsession with the classic BBC sci-fi series Dr Who. So imagine my delight when I found on the tumblr of Brian Michael Bendis the Alan Davis’ sketch below, which combines my two favourite characters.

Captain Britain and Dr Who

The good Doctor (shown here in his first regeneration when William Hartnell played him,) really does look quite unimpressed that he’s joining forces with a superhero to battle the Daleks and Cap’s nemesis The Fury.

In fact as I view the sketch I can almost imagine Hartnell harumphing and tutting in his fantastic irascible style, while Cap tries not to aggravate him and remain deferential.

As I viewed the sketch the whole idea of Captain Britain and Dr Who began to swirl round in my head, I was sure there was another connection between the two programs, but what was it?

Luckily a visit to the TVtropes website answered the question. Take a look below at the Excalibur supporting character of Alistaire Stewart, brother of Brigadier Alysande Stuart. ( Picture courtesy of Tvtropes.)

Dr Who In Excalibur

That’s quite a resemblance to David Tennant’s Doctor you will have to agree, and don’t get me started on the Stewart’s names and the fact that they work for W.H.O. (Weird Happenings Organisation.)

I’m fairly certain Alistaire made his comic book debut in 1989 a long time before Tennant took over the role of the good Doctor, and that no mention of the Excalibur character was ever quoted as an influence on Tennant’s costume by the BBC or Russell T Davies. Could all this speculation be just a coincidence, I think not!

Do you think a Dr Who and Captain Britain cross over would be any good ? Do you think the look of Tennant’s Time Lord costume is just a coincidence or is Russell T Davies a closet Captain Britain fan ?

Let me know in the comments below.

UPDATED – cheers to Ads who in the comments below points out another Dr Who and Captain Britain link, this time via the supporting character of Merlyn.


4 thoughts on “Captain Britain meets Dr Who. Is Russell T Davies a secret Captain Britain fan?

  1. The Merlin/Merlyn bio in the Die By The Sword trade (Not one I personally rate highly…) states he is possibly an amalgamation of of the gesalt knowledge of all his interdimensional counterparts including a Time Traveling Doctor…


      • Found the reference on Wikipedia which is taken direct from the Die by the Sword trade and references Merlyn’s link to Dr Who via this bio….

        ” The profile at the end of the Die by the Sword trade gives his first appearance as Young Allies Comics #11 (1944), explicitly linking the modern version with the earlier, legendary, version. However, that Merlin appears to be only one aspect of Merlyn, as the profile states “Evidence suggests Merlyn and his daughter Roma are physical amalgamations of all their interdimensional counterparts, presumably with access to the combined knowledge and skills of the entire gestalt.” Other characters have also passed themselves off as Merlyn as “His legendary reputation has led others, Merlin Demonspawn, Space Phantoms, stage magician Joe Cooke and the time traveling Doctor, to impersonate him, further confusing matters.”

        If I remember rightly Sylvester McCoy’s Doctor is referenced as Merlin in the episode Battlefield.

        Seems we’ve come full circle with our Dr Who and Captain Britain links.


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