Captain Britain vs Super Mario in the wrestling World Cup.

If you have ever wondered who would win in a fight between Captain Britain and Super Mario then wonder no further, as the good folk over at the ALL-CAW wrestling YouTube channel have answered the question for you.

The reason behind this clash of titans is that as the football World Cup is taking place ALL-CAW have decided to host a wrestling World Cup; with famous pop culture figures representing the participating nations. Representing the UK is Captain Britain and for Italy, Mario.

How this all done is that custom figures representing Cap and Mario take to the ring in a wrestling video game. The whole fight is recorded so that you can watch it at your leisure on ALL-CAW’s YouTube channel.

The video of the Cap and Mario tussle is below, if you don’t want to know who wins skip the first paragraph afterwards. (Video is TSFW.)


An excellent result as Captain Britain triumphs and goes on to face Captain America, with a chance to fight Godzilla in the semis. I think Cap’s odds against his across the pond counterpart are pretty good as he has frequently held his own against him. However, against the King of Kaiju Godzilla himself all bets are off.




So it seems the only chance you will have to see England do well in the World Cup this year rests on the broad shoulders of Captain Britain, and I’m hoping he goes all the way in his wrestling bouts to the final. Nice work by ALL-CAW for choosing Captain Britain over the likes of Dan Dare, Dennis the Menace, Dr Who or any other UK linked hero/comic book character, and for making me genuinely interested in sport for the first time in many years.

What did you think of the video? Who would you like to see Captain Britain wrestle?

Let me know in the comments below.



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