Captain Britain sends greetings from Essex

While browsing the internet looking for interesting nuggets of Captain Britain info my eyes were drawn to an infographic from estate agents Movoto, because it stated it would tell me where Captain Britain actualy lived.


As you can see despite the pleasant retro design Cap’s actual address is a bit vague but that’s understandable, and there is the pleasant surprise of an American company referencing Captain Britain in the first place. As often happens when I look at things like this the result was to get my brain going, as I began to wonder, where exactly does Captain Britain live?

The answer was remarkably straightforward according to Wikipedia it’s Maldon in Essex, which can be seen on the map below, as can my home town.

Captain Britains home town of Maldon

It’s here that Captain Britain’s ancestral home Braddock Manor has stood for generations.

Braddock Manor location 2

Braddock Manor is now known as Braddock Academy, as the benevolent Cap has recently turned it into his version of the X-Men’s academy. As a quick aside it turns out that in the USA there is an actual place called Braddock Manor, as you can see on the following map.


Not satisfied with this minor detective work my thoughts turned to Captain Britain’s other domicile, the Excalibur/Braddock lighthouse. I started to ponder could I trace an exact UK location for it, as easily as I had found Braddock Manor?

The answer came from the Excalibur one-shot, The Sword is Drawn.

excalibur lighthouse

Choosing to place the lighthouse in Scotland was I believe done so it  would be conveniently close to the X-Men’s Scottish hangout ,Muir Island.

Sadly Braddock Lighthouse no longer exists as it was destroyed in Excalibur issue 50, when the team thwarts another of Merlyn’s nefarious schemes.

Excalibur lighthouse destroyed

So if Captain Britain’s lighthouse has been destroyed and his ancestral home turned into a school where does he go now for some peace and quiet? I like to imagine he has a static caravan on the coast not far from Maldon where he can fly to quickly for long weekends, a well deserved rest and an incognito ice cream and stroll along the sea front.

Do you have any ideas as to where Captain Britain might take his holidays? Should he rebuild his lighthouse for a weekend vacation home or have I just gone mad ?

Let me know in the comments below.


4 thoughts on “Captain Britain sends greetings from Essex

  1. If I remember correctly he has a flat in London (the rooms are soundproofed because of Pete Wisdom…) mentioned during the Vampire State arc of Captain Britain and MI13. As for Holidays… he’s got the multiverse to choose from…


  2. I think the lighthouse was in the northwest of England. I remember Kitty going shopping in Liverpool nearby in any early Excalibur episode.


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