Captain Britain gets a tattoo

As I sit here writing with my arm smarting from my latest tattoo my inky thoughts turned as always to Captain Britain, did anyone have him proudly emblazoned on their body I wondered?

Of course with a click of Google I soon began to turn up some Captain Britain and other related tattoos, which I now share with you. Enjoy!

Captain Britain tattoo

Captain Britain tattoo based on the art of Ron Lim.

Captain Britain tattoo

Captain Britain tattoo based on the art of Alan Davis

A kind person from Facebook shared the pic above with me, sorry I forgot who you are as it was an old account of mine.

psylocke tattoo

Psylocke tattoo

Nightcrawler tattoo

Nightcrawler tattoo

Love the ” Bamf ” in the above.

Shadowcat tattoo

Shadowcat tattoo

I hope you enjoyed the Captain Britain and related tattoo gallery, if you have the Captain on your body please leave me a comment below and a picture if possible.


4 thoughts on “Captain Britain gets a tattoo

  1. OK. That’s really freaky. I’m a huge fan of Captain Britain and I just stumbled across your blog. And what do I find? My Captain Britain tattoo!

    It’s frightening that that’s out there for the world to find on Google. I’ve had it for about ten years now and I guess I put it on the internet somewhere years back.

    Yes, I have the original Ron Lim art for that. I had it commissioned three or four years before I had the tattoo done. Pencils by Ron Lim and inks by Robert Jones. The pose is based on Superman issue #1 from way back in the day.

    I also have a second Captain Britain tattoo on my upper right arm. That one is from the cover of Captain Britain Weekly #36 by Pablo Marcos. I have a cover recreation of that drawn by Pablo as well.


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