A Captain Britain RPG gallery

Ever since I was introduced to the RPG game Golden Heroes I often imagined myself taking to the city streets and skies to bring justice to evil doers as Captain Britain.

Sadly I never got the chance to role play as my favorite hero but a lot of other people did, so here is a gallery of Captain Britain and some look-a-likes that people have RPG’d with over the years.

Captain britian RPG

Alastair Savage kindly provide the above scan of an advert for Marvel Super Heroes from White Dwarf magazine dated 1985.


From the Marvel Heroic Role playing game another version of Cap.

City of Heroes Captain Britain

From the now closed MMO City of Heroes , Hero 1, their version of Captain Britain.

Marvel War of Heroes Captain Britain

Marvel War of Heroes Captain Britain Excalibur

From Marvel War of Heroes two versions of Captain Britain, with and without Excalibur.

Marvel RPG Cap

Another Marvel Super Heroes Captain Britain.

nightcrawler rpg

From Alastair Savage again another advert scanned from White Dwarf magazine of Captain Britain’s Excalibur team-mate Nightcrawler.

My thanks to Alastair for his scans which inspired today’s post. Why not check out his blog here.


2 thoughts on “A Captain Britain RPG gallery

  1. Thanks for the link! I did play the Marvel super-heroes RPG when it first came out and I liked it a lot, although it always felt easier making up adventures than using the official modules. There wasn’t one with Captain Britain in, I don’t think, unless he cropped up in Secret Wars.


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