The top 5 worst Excalibur covers featuring Captain Britain

Earlier this week I looked at all one hundred and twenty-five covers of Excalibur and picked my five favorites with Captain Britain on. Now it’s time to look again, but this time present to you my top five least favorite Excalibur covers that feature Captain Britain.

Before I start I need to make one thing clear, this is not an exercise in bashing artists. Everyone who works to put together a comic has problems to overcome such as deadlines or other commitments, which might mean on a particular day they might not produce their best work. Also some of the covers I have chosen are drawn well, but are here because another design aspect means they don’t do it for me.

Excalibur issue 107 by Salvador Larroca

The cover to Excalibur issue 107 by Salvador Larroca is the first to catch my unforgiving eye simply because Captain Britain seems to have been hit with a dose of Pym particles and shrunk to half his size. Larroca is a great artist – don’t believe me check out his Iron Man run – but a midget Cap hiding in the background is something that just looks plain wrong.

Excalibur issue 79 by Ken lashley

Excalibur issue 79’s cover by Ken Lashley contains Britannic, so I am instantly against it because of this. Even if the art for this cover was almost at a level of Pre-Raphaelite awesomeness it would make this list as seeing Britannic just makes me want to bleach my eyes.

Excalibur issue 38 by mark badger

Excalibur issue 38 by Mark Badger contains the star of Excalibur getting the crap beaten out of him by second-rate Avenger Wonder Man. Now I like a cover that shows the hero about to encounter peril or danger, but if you have to resort to a cover that shows a comic’s hero having the living daylights beaten out of him by a guest star, then it shows a lack of respect for the comic in question.

Excalibur issue 36 by Dave Ross

Excalibur issue 36 by Dave Ross just seems to get Captain Britain’s anatomy all sharp and bony so he looks a little odd, though I must admit after the last cover it’s nice to see him victorious for a change.

Excalibur issue 6 by Alan Davis


Now this Alan Davis cover is excellent except for one small detail, and that is who forgot to colour in Captain Britain?

So there you have my top 5 least favourite Excalibur covers that feature Captain Britain. Agree or Disagree ? Let me know in the comments below.



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