Captain Britain’s superheroines

A popular way to make more money from a comic-book heroes fame is to launch a spin-off title or put out a brand new comic where the hero is replaced by a female counterpart. So you find Hulk becomes She Hulk, Spider-Man spins off into Spider-Woman and I’m sure you get the idea by now.

What you may not be aware of though is Captain Britain could be the super-hero with the most female spin-off characters, I make it four at the last count, let’s have a look at them all.

First up is Lionheart the secret identity of Kelsey Kirkland whose traumatic origin story saw her offered the same choice of the amulet or sword as was Captain Britain. Kelsey chose the sword and took on the mantle of Lionheart adventuring with The Avengers and New Excalibur.


Next up is Cap’s Sister Betsy Braddock who took on the Captain Britain mantle while the original Cap was overseas. Sadly after a sterling start to her career she came up against Slaymaster who beat her to within an inch of her life and then blinded her.

Captain britain 13 Betsy

Third on our list is Captain UK the guise of Linda McQuillan who fled her original dimension after it was destroyed by the Fury, and ended up fighting along Captain Britain to prevent the same thing happening to Cap’s dimension. Captain UK slew the Fury in a berserk frenzy and mentored Betsy Braddock before returning to the alternate dimensions she called home.

Captain UK kills the Fury

Last on our list is Dr. Faiza Hussain who was handed the role of Captain Britain by the good Cap himself in case he died in combat against Ultron during the Age of Ultron event.She later became the wielder of Excalibur, squire to the Black Knight, and demonstrated incredible powers of biological manipulation making her the most diverse lady on our list.

Faiza Hussain

So I hope you have enjoyed our look at the ladies of Captain Britain, each in their own right as great a character as the good Cap himself. In this day and age where comic book companies are chastised for lack of powerful female role models any of these super heroines could come back individually or as a team and show the blokes how it’s done.


6 thoughts on “Captain Britain’s superheroines

  1. She-Hulk and Spider-woman weren’t directly created to cash in on the fame of the male characters. Marvel hastily prepared the characters in the wake of the successful TV shows using the Hulk and Spider-Man because they were worried that someone else might create the female versions first, and thus own the copyright. The irony is that although the She-Hulk was an attempt to preserve a copyright, she’s actually one of the best female Marvel characters!


  2. I do wonder from time to time what happened to Lionheart. She had an ending but it didn’t answer everything about her. Is she depowered now? Does she have power and just decides not to use it? If so how can her end be the way it was as the sword choice stopped it. Is she still active with changed powers? Part of the MI13 Backup team perhaps?

    I will agree that She-Hulk is on of Marvel’s best characters. She owns the gamma blood that her cousin runs and hides from.


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