Just how will Captain Britain be affected by the Scottish independence referendum? UPDATED

The Metro seem to agree with me ….http://metro.co.uk/2014/09/19/scottish-independence-things-that-wont-happen-after-scotland-voted-no-4872216/

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With today being the day Scotland votes in its independence referendum to decide if they will stay in the UK or not; a lot of Captain Britain fans have been voicing their concerns on social media about just how this might affect him.

The concerns arise from the fact that folks are quite worried that if Scotland does go independent then Captain Britain is at risk of losing 25% of his super powers, and therefore be in immediate danger of super villain assault while in this weakened state.

So today on the Captain Britain Blog we’re going to try and offer some support to those concerned souls, and examine why which ever way Scotland vote Cap will be ok.

Firstly if Scotland split from the UK Captain Britain will feel no effect super power wise what so ever. This is because his powers are not dependant on how many countries are in the UK; rather they stem from that fact that as a child of a denizen of the mythical Otherworld he takes his powers from his heroic heritage.

However he might be at risk of some temporary power loss as writer Paul Cornell explains…

“The limits of Brian’s (Braddock, Captain Britain’s civilian identity) powers are now tied in to his emotions. So if he’s feeling very determined and confident, then he’s very powerful, but if he’s losing it then he’ll really be losing it. He’s as strong as he used to be, and he can fly, and that’s all due to his magical nature, not to his costume. I’ve always seen him as something like the Shazam Captain Marvel, a hero formed through magic. Which means the subjective nature of what he can now do feels apt to me. As he himself says about great feats depending on whether or not he can gather all his courage together, he says: ‘well, I am Captain Britain.’

So if Cap was upset by Scotland leaving the UK he might temporarily lose some of his super powers, but this would not mean a permanent lessening of 25%.

And Captain Britain may well be upset as he has a few Scottish ties. He spent a fair amount of time when he was in the Super Hero team Excalibur based in a lighthouse in Scotland, and before this Cap was no stranger to Scottish shores having battled the Loch Ness Monster.

Captain Britain fights the Loch Ness Monster

Captain Britain fights the Loch Ness Monster

Sadly the lighthouse no longer exists, but I’m sure Captain Britain has fond memories of Scotland because it was in that very lighthouse that he ventured forth from to save the world time and time again, and also where he romanced his wife to be Meggan.

So whatever the results of Scotland’s independence referendum I hope Captain Britain fans can now breathe a little easier; as the worst case scenario is that he may suffer a temporary lessening of his powers. I’m also certain that whatever way the vote falls Captain Britain will continue to protect the powerless and help the oppressed wherever they live whether they have ties to the UK or not.

Please be aware that the views of this Blog and its writer are neither for nor against Scottish independence. The views expressed here are merely speculation on the possible reactions of a fictional character.


2 thoughts on “Just how will Captain Britain be affected by the Scottish independence referendum? UPDATED

  1. Very nice post sir.

    We must remember the good Captain isn’t tied to the governance of the island or regions within it. Take the Jaspers Warp story line where he fights the Government.

    The Corps also has innumerable different political landscapes of Britain (Fascist, Mafiosa, Orwellian to name some more distasteful ones, but there are others like Britain as part of an Aztec Empire).

    There are also Scottish Captains (perhaps from worlds with a Scottish majority) just as we have seen a Native American Captain (Crusader X).

    The real question in my mind is will 616 reflect our reality (Should Scotland opt to leave the Union) or will Marvel decide that The U.K retains integrity (after things like the Skrull and Deamonic invasions)?

    Or even will Marvel as an American company even notice?

    Like you I remain neutral as I live in the South West of England any changes to me will be negligable.


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