The greatest Captain Britain team-ups that never happened.

Comic book crossovers, are they great fun or just cynical attempts to part fans from their cash? While the jury deliberates lets look at some very special Captain Britain cross overs. Why are they so special? Well, it’s because these team-ups never really took place.

Let me explain,these mythical crossovers come from the Super-Team Family website whose tagline states, “The greatest team-ups that never happened..but should have.” That line sort of gives you an idea of what you’re about to see.
Let’s jump straight in with a team-up between The Guardians of the Universe and Captain Britain.
 Guardians of the universe and Captain Britain.
The main image is taken from Captain Britain No 35 from 1977, and I love the fact that Cap thinks he’s too good for the Green Lantern Corps. What you will also notice about these covers is that they also have a story line attached which makes the image more than just a cut and paste job, as it actually seems to be a real cover with a proper story.
Next up is Captain Britain and Batman.
Batman and Captain Britain
Captain Britain is taken from Marvel Team-Up 65, which was Caps US debut; the clever switching of Spider-Man for Batman makes this a great dynamic action piece. I’m not sure if Captain Britain could defeat Batman as he is one crafty bastard who always knows how to take out a fellow superhero with a bat gadget from his bat belt, but I’m certain Cap could give him a good run for his money.
Lastly is another Batman piece, but this time with Captain Britain and Excalibur.
Batman and Captain Britain 2
The Excalibur team image is taken from Excalibur issue 42 from 1991, the Queen referred to could I like to believe be the Red Queen from the Crazy Gang one of Captain Britain’s old foes. As to whether Batman is correct in saying the killer is in the room is a bit worrying, as it seems only Excalibur are present!
So hats off to the Super-Team family website for these images, the greatest Captain Britain cross overs that never happened. If you want to read more Captain Britain cross overs/team-ups on the site then click here.

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