Cover star Captain Britain M.I.A. in New Avengers 24

So Marvel have been making some news – to me and other Captain Britain fans at least – about the UK’s mightiest hero appearing in the latest Avenger’s event “Time Runs Out.”

Now with part two appearing in comic book shops today in New Avengers 24, and Captain Britain appearing on this issues variant cover hopes were high for Cap fans for seeing him back in action. But was the issue worth the wait?

Please do not carry on reading after the picture if you wish to avoid spoilers.

Captain Britian variant Avengers 35 and new Avengers 24

New Avengers 24 variant featuring Captain Britain

OK lets deal with the Captain Britain content of New Avengers 24, it’s nil except for the variant cover. This is of course disappointing as I hoped when I wrote about Time Runs Out part one last week that Cap was lurking on the sidelines waiting for his cue to join the action. Of course I feel plot wise the story hasn’t moved on to where I believe Cap would logically join it so I shouldn’t be surprised by his absence, and I should know by now that just because Captain Britain is on a comic’s cover it doesn’t mean he’s going to appear. But hey ho I keep buying them!

Incidentally Cap or no Cap, Time Runs Out is a great read full of surprises which I’m not going to spoil here, and I’m going to keep buying them and reading them.


3 thoughts on “Cover star Captain Britain M.I.A. in New Avengers 24

    • Comixology for me as I like to own my comics and the range and great sales mean there’s always good stuff to read.

      As for being behind, the Marvel Universe is so hectic readers who can only afford to dip their toe are always behind 🙂


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