Captain Britain, Thor: The Mighty Avenger and a dodgy curry.

Sometimes it seems Captain Britain just can’t catch a break, take for example his simple wish in Thor: The Mighty Avenger issue 4 to enjoy a quiet drink and catch-up with some friends. This being comics we know even if Cap doesn’t that the chances of said drink going quietly are few and far between, and when it’s interrupted by Thor and The Warriors Three then a comic book brawl is sure to follow.

So what’s so special about the previous statement, surely it’s a template for a lot of superhero misunderstandings and fights? Well this brawl/cross-over is different as it never happened. Confused? Read on to find out why Captain Britain and Thor’s finest hour never really took place, and just where does that curry fit in?

Don’t forget to click to enlarge any picture below if you want to see the action in all it’s glory!

Captain Britain and Thor step outside

The reason behind the confusion is that this Captain Britain cross-over occurred within the pages of Thor: The Mighty Avenger issue 4, a comic which occupied a very odd place in Marvel continuity. In 2010 coasting on the back of the successful Thor movie Marvel surprised nobody when they announced a slew of new Thor comics; one of which was Thor: The Mighty Avenger or TTMA for short. TTMA was unique in that writer Roger Langridge and artist Chris Samnee set their series in its very own universe with no ties to Marvel continuity. Fandom was vocal in its praise for the series but this wan’t enough and it was cancelled after a few issues without any real reason except some Marvel prevarication. Anyway because of this the parallel Captain Britain who featured in issue 4 is often overlooked by Cap fans.

So today I’m going to look at this alternate Captain Britain and his missing cross-over with Thor, and that elusive curry.

The story starts with a depressed Thor being taken out for a drink or ten by his friends/gods The Warriors Three. Problems begin when they roll up to the bar where Captain Britain is and Cap thinks he’s stopping some Viking tomfoolery, so a punch up ensues.

Captain Britain and Thor fight 1a

The whole issue then becomes a frantic kinetic brawl marvelously illustrated by Samnee who brings the mayhem to life superbly.

Captain Britain and Thor fight

Cap then does his best Churchill impression trying to bring the voice of reason to the fight.

Captain Britain and Thor patriotic speech


And the whole misunderstanding is cleared up with a pint.

Captain Britain and Thor enjoy a drink

Oh and the curry, it’s the excuse Captain Britain uses to execute a stage left for a costume change.

Captain Britain and Thor curry and pork scratchings

Note in the above picture Thor makes one of the biggest mistakes of his life when he rejects a bag of pork scratchings.

TTMA and Captain Britain have a lot in common both being great titles with strong characters cancelled before their time. Luckily for Thor he has many other books to adventure in while fans of Captain Britain know once he vanishes it can be some years before he again graces a comic book. Saying that Cap can be found in the current Avengers event Time Runs Out which I covered here and here.

If you’ve got a spare few quid I would recommend you pick up TTMA, it’s unique intelligent interpretation of Thor is one I’m sure will appeal to Captain Britain fans or folks who like good well written and beautifully drawn comics.


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