So next week do Spider-Man and Captain Britain cross-over?

So in next weeks Amazing Spider-Man issue 7 Captain Britain and Spidey cross-over, or do they?

Tongues are wagging and Cap and Spidey fans are speculating because of this preview cover.

amazing-spider-man-7- Captain Britain

Just who is that in the bottom corner, Spider-UK ?

Confused? Perhaps this preview of two pages from the book might help.

amazing-spider-man-7-preview page Spider-Uk

So a member of the Captain Britain Corps is taking the guise of Spider-Man or Spider-UK to give him his correct title. It’s interesting to note that the disguise includes webs and Spider-UK doesn’t fly but emulates Spider-Man. But why this disguise and duplicity? Well another preview page gives us a clue.

amazing-spider-man-7-preview page Spider-Uk2

So it might be that a member of the Corps is dead, and Roma believes Spider-Man to be involved or even responsible, but why the disguise and just who is Spider-UK?

All will hopefully be answered next week when Amazing Spider-Man 7 is released, come back to The Captain Britain Blog then for thoughts and comments on the issue when I’ve read it.

Thanks again to  for the news tip.


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