Captain Britain and Big Ben – a life long love affair

Captain Britain like most superheroes has a title that tells you instantly all about him, he’s a Captain and he’s British – simple. Well not if you work at Marvel, who over Cap’s long career have constantly felt the need to remind us that Captain Britain hails from Britain.

How have they done this? Well, Marvel often feel the need to pair Captain Britain and iconic British land mark Big Ben together as if by doing so readers will immediately understand just who Cap is and where he is based. So read on to see the best and worst of comic book covers and art that honour Marvel’s life long obsession with pairing Big Ben and Captain Britain.


From 1977 the cover to the amazingly titled “Hickory Dickory Death!”


Yep Cap was that popular in the seventies he had an annual.

Marvel War of Heroes Captain Britain

From the online game, War of Heroes.

Captain Britain Marvel Universe series 2 1991

Big Ben on Captain Britain trading cards.

zombie Captain Britain 2

Even zombie Cap does the ugly in front of Big Ben.

Captain Britain and MI13 ape variant

Variant covers include Big Ben as well.


And my all time favourite, Paul Cornell’s Captain Britain issue 1 .

After doing all this research into today’s post I have a great pitch for the next Captain Britain cover. Cap will be eating fish and chips, drinking a cup of tea, while riding a red London Bus up Big Ben and beating a super villain with a piece of Stonehenge. Oh, and it will be raining.

Too much?

Of course Marvel aren’t the only guilty company of pairing Big Ben and comic book characters; check out this great post from Bully the little stuffed Bull of Big Ben comic book images – which inspired my post today.

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