Captain Britain in today’s New Avengers 25 – that’s a fine beard.

So I’ve been covering The Avengers current event, Time Runs Out as Captain Britain was advertised as appearing, and apart from one brief mention Cap appearances so far have been at a minimum. So imagine my surprise when I picked up today’s New Avengers 25 and there is Captain Britain – at last.

Want to know more continue reading after the picture – beware the post contains spoilers for this weeks New Avengers 25.

New Avengers 25

This week Hickman finally lets us in on the fate of the Illuminati of which Captain Britain was shown to be a member when Time Runs Out debuted, and things are not looking good for them especially Cap.

Captain Britain New Avengers 25

So there seems to be no Captain Britain Corps left, and what happened to Cap’s eye and just what does that patch conceal?

Even worse everyone – except the Hulk seems to have beards!

Captain Britain and the beards of New Avengers 25


OK it’s hard to tell if Beast has a beard but he does look shaggy.

The Illuminati are in a bad shape and the comic reveals they have their backs against the wall and are seemingly considering desperate measures to survive; Hickman has again done a fine job scripting a tense story which I will keep on advising folk to check out. Walker draws a suitably haggard Captain Britain and fans are going to be left guessing the fate of his eye and every other Captain Britain in the multiverse.

So if you like Cap crossovers I would say keep picking up Time Runs Out, and keep following the Captain Britain Blog for future Cap crossover developments.

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14 thoughts on “Captain Britain in today’s New Avengers 25 – that’s a fine beard.

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  2. I’m not the biggest fan of Hickman’s writing. I thought that Rick Remender did a better job with Captain Britain in Secret Avengers and especially the four part Otherworld story in Uncanny X-Force.

    But I am glad to see Captain Britain back on a regular basis. Having said that, destroying the Captain Britain Corps and the scary beard and eye patch… not changes that I’m in favour of. It was good to see Roma and Saturnyne along with the corps in Amazing Spider-Man #7. I’ve always felt that Captain Britain’s supporting cast and the tone and mythology of the character have a big part to play. Some writers get it, the majority don’t.

    It really needs Alan Davis to come back with a special or limited series to fix what other writers have messed up and get Captain Britain back on track. Much as he did in the Excalibur run he both wrote and draw back in the day.

    But reading this current Avengers story arc, a lot seems to have happened to a number of heroes, none of it good, so hopefully there’s a big reset button looming in the future.


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    • Thanks for the comment, I worry over my favourite characters sporting beards as I fear some terrible event in their backstory will be revealed and this looks to be true as I posted today.

      Incidently I am a proud beard owner myself :)>


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