In this week’s Avengers 37, Captain America tries to blackmail Captain Britain.

So continuing our coverage of the Avengers current event, Time Runs Out, and the involvement of Captain Britain we come to this weeks Avengers issue 37 by Jonathan Hickman and Mike Deodato.

Last week’s New Avengers – covered here – saw a different Captain Britain enter the picture, how will he fare in this weeks story?

Please be aware this article includes spoilers for this week’s Avengers 37, if you haven’t read the issue yet then do not carry on reading after the picture.

Avengers 37 Captain Britain

SHIELDS’s attempts to locate Captain Britain and the Illuminati come to naught as Hawkeye arrives to apprehend them just to late to be effective. I’m sure Hawkeye being left with egg on his face would make Captain Britain very happy due to their past history, which I covered here.

Anyway because of this Captain America plots an underhand idea when he learns of Captain Britain’s presence.

Captain Britain Avengers 37

It’s interesting to note Shield’s files make no reference to Captain Britain having only one eye so we are still in the dark about how this “accident” befell Cap. The files also seem unaware of the fate of the Captain Britain Corps.

Captain Britain and Captain America Avengers 37

Now is that reach out or threaten Captain America? Considering the desperate situation writer Hickman places SHIELD in, I’m going with threaten, and who is Captain America considering?

Captain Britain and Psylocke Avengers 37

Luckily Captain Britain’s sister seems safe for now.

So Time Runs Out continues in great form; even though Captain Britain is only in one panel the way he is used and commented on is intriguing. Also the mystery of his disfigurement is still unsolved and as conflict between SHIELD and the Illuminati draws ever closer I’m hoping for another Captain Britain and Captain America fight soon.

Stay tuned to The Captain Britain Blog as we continue to cover Cap as he appears in TIme Runs out.

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6 thoughts on “In this week’s Avengers 37, Captain America tries to blackmail Captain Britain.

  1. No mention of Meggan? What a shame. Of course if they did mention her there would need to be a showdown between new uber-confident Meggan and Sue Storm, likely at the Braddock Academy:

    Sue: “Tell us where your Husband is or S.H.I.E.L.D will turn this place to rubble to smoke him out.”

    Meggan: “I don’t know where Brian is, all I know is he’s with Reed and the others and they are going to save everyone. I trust MY husband, Invisible Woman… Elsa and Jaquie will see you out.”


    • Good call but SHIELD might still think she’s dead after the House of M and not realised she’s back as per Captain Britain and MI 13. Either way it shows SHIELD need to update their files!


      • They might but that would make them the worst intellegency agency in the world. Especially as she did that academy thing with Wolverine a little while ago and Cap works with them as per Revolutionary War…


      • So true maybe Hickman might sort it out by saying Sue tampered with the files. All the same I agree with you SHIELD are being shown in a bad light


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