Come on Marvel let David Golding draw Captain Britain please.

Here on the Captain Britain blog we are always on the look out for great artists who might have never drawn Captain Britain professionally, but have still drawn him simply out of their love for the character.

So for that reason today I wanted to highlight professional artist David Golding who while he has done lots of comics work and released a book, has never drawn Captain Britain for Marvel, much to my disappointment.

I first stumbled upon David’s work in 2012 when I bought some sketches from his Ebay shop one of which, a great looking Swamp Thing, is pictured below.

David Golding Swamp Thing

I began to follow David on Twitter hoping to pick up some more of his art when I noticed he was doing copies of comic book covers, of which one of his current ones follows.

spidey art

But what really caught my eye was David’s version of a Captain Britain cover of which he was happy to provide a high quality picture so it could be shared with the blog.

Click on the pic to see it in its full glory, and check out more of David’s work on deviantART here.

Captain Britain by David Golding2

A stunning picture you might agree and that’s right David did send me a photo of the art and his Spider-Man cover to use in this post. Why? Well I asked him if he would as to celebrate the release of his new book I decided the world of Captain Britain fandom needed to know more about his work, as it’s too good not to share.

The book is, The Greatest Comic Quiz Book in the Multiverse, 200 pages of comic book questions that covers American comics from their humble origins right up to the present day.

David Golding the greatest comic quiz book in the Multiverse

Before I talk about the book take time to admire the painted cover, the style of which to me is comparable with Alex Ross. Inside David has peppered the book with great black and white sketches of all sorts of super heroes, and this use of a variety of styles highlights just how bloody good he is at drawing.

David Golding the greatest comic quiz book in the Multiverse interior art

I took the time to test myself on some of the questions in the quiz book and find myself having to issue a warning to anyone like me who prided themselves on being a bit of a comics guru, this book will soon have you eating humble pie. But in a fun way.

So more power to the pen of David Golding a man whose work I would love to see on the cover of a new Captain Britain comic or inside, hell I’m not fussy I’ll take both.

Fancy yourself a comic’s mastermind then you can pick up a copy of The Greatest Comic Quiz Book in the Multiverse here.

Or if you taste runs to comic book art order a reproduction of your favourite comic book scene/cover from David here.

Do you know an artist or perhaps you are one yourself who draws Captain Britain and would like to share work with this blog and it’s readers? Then why not send me the relevant details by leaving a comment below.

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